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Are you a trader or holder?

  1. Who are the traders?
  2. Who are the holders?
  3. Benefits of Holding BHO

When you are in the world of crypto, you will often hear the terms “trader” and “holder”. What do they mean? And why is “holder” a smart choice in the cryptocurrency era?

Trade and Hold are the two different methods of trying to make a profit in the financial market in general and the cryptocurrency market in particular. Both traders and holders earn profit by participating in the market. In general, holders seek greater returns over a long period of time by buying and holding coins at reputable cryptocurrency markets. In contrast, traders take advantage of both rising and falling markets to enter and exit positions in a shorter time frame, to make smaller and more frequent profits.

Who are the traders?

Traders are those who trade bitcoin and make money when fluctuations happen, whether up or down. They don't care what the price is, 5K or 10K or 20K, the only thing they care about is the next trend and how much they can earn from that gap. Trading requires extensive knowledge and technical analysis abilities while entering and leaving a transaction in order to make a profit in a short period of time (it can be a few minutes to a few hours or a day).

Assume you have $10K; if you lose 30%, you must win 42% again to maintain the win/loss ratio. If you lose twice in a row, you may have to double the account to keep the amount. This method's fatal flaws include being fast-paced, having a large number of trades, and being prone to making a series of catastrophic mistakes when losing. The win/loss ratio on each trade on the overall account is very high. According to the data above, gambling psychology will emerge, mistakes will occur quickly, and burning your money is understandable.

Who are the holders?

Coin holding is a long-term investment. When you come across a coin that has the potential for long-term growth, you use your spare cash to buy it and retain it for a long period (from about a few months to several years). And when the coin's price hits your target, you'll sell to profit (for example, purchase Bitcoin and sell when it reaches $50K).

Being a holder, it will be much simpler. You only need basic cryptocurrency knowledge, such as understanding some terminologies, how to trade, how to create a wallet to store coins, and some analytical skills, to become a holder.

The main point is that you can avoid most of the nasty day-trader traps; all you have to do is pick a coin that you like and buy it, then hold it until its price reaches exactly what you want to sell for a profit. The key to a holder's success is to appraise a coin and take the opportunity to speculate, or just buy the coin at its initial sale (such as IMO). For example, you can purchase the BHO coin in the IMO at a low cost and then sell it when the value of BHO fulfils your expectations.

HOLD requires no experience but patience and faith in blockchain technology. In contrast, trading requires financial knowledge and experience. If Wall Street can't beat this volatile market, what makes you think you can? Don't you see that we jumped from $200 billion to $600 billion in market capital in exactly 30 days? How can you buy at a low price when it keeps going high? Isn't the HOLD tactic a better choice?

Benefits of Holding BHO

Since we've been talking about holding a token. It's also important to pick the right token to hold. As a holder, it is essential to analyze and know the nature as well as benefits of holding any token.

So, if you're looking for a token to hold, why not think about BHO? BHO Network token (BHO) will be a digital asset that stores values, generates yield (interest), and provides access to an open lending network. The holder can participate in the Black Hole decentralised pools by staking BHO tokens to earn attractive yields or borrowing or repaying loans with BHO tokens.

The following are some of the advantages that a BHO token holder may enjoy:

  • Staking BHO tokens to earn attractive Yields
  • Borrowing or paying back loans via BHO tokens
  • Submitting & voting on different programs that help grow the BHO Ecosystem.
  • Participating in the Black Hole decentralized pools for lending, staking, borrowing, swapping.
  • Referring new users to grow the community
  • Receiving grants by participating in the BHO governance structure
  • Access staking reward, higher interest rates, loyalty programs, amongst others.

Find here for more information of BHO Network IMO Round 2 & 3: https://imo.bholdus.com/

IMO Round 2: Purchase period: At “13:00 4/9/2021”, those who have successfully registered an account and provided their BEP20 wallet details may participate in IMO – Round 2 at $0.0050 (limit: $100 - $5000).

IMO – Round 2 will end at “13:00 6/9/2021", or until 70.000.000 BHO tokens (equivalent to $350.000) are sold out, whichever comes first.

IMO Round 3: Purchase period: At “13:00 11/9/2021”, those who have successfully registered an account and provided their BEP20 wallet details may participate in IMO – Round 3 at $0.0055 (limit: $100 - $3000).

IMO – Round 3 will end at “13:00 13/9/2021", or until 60.000.000 BHO tokens (equivalent to $330.000) are sold out, whichever comes first

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Published on September 01, 2021

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