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BHO Network Senior Personnels Official Announcement

15.00 (GMT+7) November 26, 2021

In order to increase efficiency and accelerate the development of the project according to the initial committed roadmap, BHO Network officially announces the change and appointment of senior personnels.

BHO Network Project Management Board announces the official dismiss for the following positions:

  1. Mr. Le Duc Quoc (also known as Ronald Le) will be dismissed from the CEO position of BHO Network.
  2. Ms. Nguyen Bao Khanh (also known as Kelsie Nguyen) will be dismissed from the COO position of BHO Network.

Additionally, BHO Network Management Board also decides to appoint a number of senior personnel as followed:

  1. Mr. Phan Duc Nhat, currently Co-founder, will take over the role of CEO
  2. Mr. Le Dai Duong, currently Co-founder, will take over the role of CTO
  3. Ms. Vu Mai Anh will become CMO
  4. Ms. Phan Thi Cam Ly (also known as Lily Phan), will become Global Growth Director
  5. Ms. Tran Dang Van Ha (also known as Jamie Tran) will become Investment Director

The new personnel are experts in the fields of technology, brand development and marketing, as well as investment. BHO Network now has an Advisory Board consisting of executives with excellent expertise and reputation from a variety of industries including blockchain, IT, telecommunications, venture capital, business, technology, legal & compliance.

The participation of this Advisory Board once again reaffirms our dedication to developing and raising BHO Network to become one of the most powerful inter-blockchain trading platforms, helping to popularize non-financial applications: Centralized - DeFi App & NFTs.

The achievements during the last 6 months is an incredible success for any project at its early stage, especially blockchain projects. We owe these milestones to the confidence from our investors as well as the tremendous contribution of our associates.

We further announce that: "Any rights entitled to the BHO Network development team, and the investors are secured by the Management Board and further developed as appropriate with the current development strategy".

Published on November 26, 2021

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