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BHO Network Leadership Principles

  1. Be Customer-centric
  2. Think Big, Act Big
  3. Maintain Focus
  4. Ownership
  5. Invent and Simplify
  6. Pursue Continual Growth
  7. Frugality
  8. Be Humble
  9. Cultural Empathy and Flexibility

We at BHO Network adhere to strict principles to provide the most satisfactory possible service to our community. We hope that by implementing this set of leadership principles, we can instill strong confidence in our community in what we do.

Be Customer-centric

  • Establish and maintain customer's trust at all costs
  • Seek solutions and improvements to deliver ever-increasing value to customers

Think Big, Act Big

  • Strive for long-term value over short-term results, no matter how difficult
  • With a bias towards action, be willing to take calculated risks
  • Strive to win, learn from mistakes/failures, and overcome setbacks
  • Deliver quality results in a timely fashion

Maintain Focus

  • Focus on the most important and right things
  • Act with intentionality and efficiency
  • Stay connected to the details and frequently audit data to ensure accuracy


  • Think and act as an owner doing whatever work is necessary, regardless of title or job description
  • Have conviction and be tenacious; do not compromise for the sake of social cohesion
  • Be willing to challenge decisions when you disagree respectfully
  • Once a decision is determined, commit wholly

Invent and Simplify

  • Pursue new and better solutions to today's and tomorrow's challenges
  • Be externally aware, looking for new ideas from everywhere
  • Do not constrain or place limits on what you and your team can invent
  • Always be a student who continually learns and discovers new possibilities

Pursue Continual Growth

  • Always be a student who continually learns and discovers new possibilities
  • Hire top-talent then cultivate their ever-growing capabilities and performance levels
  • Support and empower employees' success


  • Analyze how you spend your and the company's resources
  • Pursue opportunities to accomplish more with fewer resources
  • Never let perceived resource constraints become a barrier

Be Humble

  • Avoid arrogance
  • Remember, success is never guaranteed

Cultural Empathy and Flexibility

  • Be mindful that you work in a diverse, cross-cultural environment with people who seek to understand the differences
  • Extend empathy and patience when cultural differences arise
  • Be flexible, willing to periodically adjust how you communicate and work to maximize collaboration and productivity

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Published on August 27, 2021

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