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4 personalities in the cryptoworld!

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The crypto world has grown at an astonishing rate over time. There are numerous popular cryptocurrencies and NFTs in the market that players are obsessed with. An increasing number of people are entering the call to participate in the game. When it comes to investing, each investor in the market has a distinct strategy and a distinct personality. So, how can you know what type of investor you are?

Four types of investment personality

1. The methodical one.

A methodical person is someone who practises doing things in a particular order or procedure. They will pay close attention to detail and accomplish things precisely. They will read all of the information and instructions provided clearly and follow it 100%.

Random thoughts and feelings will not distract a diligent investor. They are disciplined, and they require a set of procedures to follow. It all comes down to doing your homework and sticking to your plan.

A methodical investor will usually find it challenging to accept fresh or modern investment ideas unfamiliar to them. It may take some time for people to embrace a new idea until they fully comprehend and agree. However, it is easier for a methodical investor to review and track what is working and what is not, so they know where they stand before making any investment decision.

2. The cautious one.

“The second mouse gets the cheese!” ---- Terry Pratchett, The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents

This is the most significant way to describe a conservative investor. They feel that it is sometimes beneficial to take a risk after seeing someone else do it to avoid falling into any traps. Before making any investment decisions, the cautious investor will usually conduct as much research as possible, seek professional guidance, and devise well-thought-out strategies. They will do their utmost best to identify any red flag in a project and the potential risks involved.

There is a difference between the methodical one and the cautious one. The latter is frequently motivated by fear. Cautious investors are susceptible to any incident that may result in the loss of their portfolio values. Their sensitivity may cause them to hold out on their decision too much and miss the chance to take the risk. However, as a result of this, they usually complete their homework and prevent any hurried or emotional-based investment decisions.

3. The spontaneous one.

A spontaneous personality is the polar opposite of the first two characters. They frequently do things without appropriate forethought and believe in their emotions and feelings while making decisions. They do not appreciate being bound by plans, as the Chinese proverb goes, "Plans Can't Keep Up with Changes."

Spontaneous investors are excited about new projects, and as long as they find it appealing, they will jump in and invest without hesitation. And they may observe themselves fall into a risk or trap. So, if you find yourself as a thoughtless investor, please try to do some basic research before investing in any projects. You can also join any community group to have active conversations before making any investment decisions!

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4. The individualistic one.

Well, an individualistic is mostly the quiet one in a group. They do their work, and they strongly believe in themselves. They are so self-sufficient that they are unlikely to follow group decisions.

It is common for an individualist to be self-reliant. Furthermore, they are more inclined to be risk-averse in general. In the end, it is not negative behaviour. Still, as we say in the crypto world, we are one, and it is always better if we can share and progress as a community together. So, why don't we learn from one another?


Finally, there is no such thing as a good or bad personality. It is always preferable for us to know who we are, including our strengths and weaknesses; the more self-aware we are, the better we can make decisions. If you're seeking a community where you can discuss and learn from one another, feel free to click the link below and join the BHO Network community group!

Best wishes on your crypto journey!

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Published on September 08, 2021

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