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Interview with BHO Network CEO

  1. 1. Your thoughts on this project?
  2. 2. Expectations on this project?

1. Your thoughts on this project?

I believe that BHO Network is the next wave of multi-chain DEX with fabulous values, the most important of which are stronger security, transparency, enhanced transaction speed (10K TPS) and low fees. BHO Network promises to deliver the most outstanding customer experience, where trust is built into the system and a user-friendly interface is provided.

The non-custodial nature of DEX is attractive in itself, transactions are executed on-chain (with smart contracts) and customers do not sacrifice custody of their funds at any point and do not need to trust the exchange. Embracing the DEX advantages, BHO Network prides itself in growing an ecosystem of digital assets, staking, P2P lending, etc. and acts as a community-driven organization.

As a senior with deep-rooted orientation in blockchain and DeFi, with support from an experienced and devoted team, Nhat is confident that BHO Network is a complete and mature product, ready to conquer the blockchain industry and help investors/ SMEs/ banks, etc. make their next move with blockchain.

2. Expectations on this project?

The Internet brings people closer while blockchain sets out to make trust accessible to everyone. I expect BHO Network to help customers reimagine the world in ways that may have seemed like science fiction just a few years ago, highlighting that the future is Decentralized.

Globally, SMEs are facing challenges in getting financing, the problem is even more serious in Southeast Asia where the SME financing gap amounts to US$300 billion. BHO Network thrives to be the #1 SME lending platform to boost economic growth in the region.

Regarding myself, I am committed to going the extra mile with this new project. As Binance grows from zero to crypto unicorns in 2-3 years, Nhat believes that BHO Network can do the same, yet on the DEX platform.

Published on July 07, 2021

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