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What is AToken Wallet? Everything about AToken Wallet

  1. 1. What is AToken Wallet?
  2. 2. Highlights of AToken Wallet ATToken Wallet
  3. 3. What devices can the AToken wallet be used on?
  4. 4. Detailed instructions on how to create AToken Wallet
  5. 5. Detailed instructions on how to use AToken Wallet
  6. 5.1 Swap
  7. 5.2 How to send and receive the token
  8. 5.3 Staking
  9. 5.4 Dapp
  10. 5.5 DeFi

What is AToken Wallet? To meet the needs of asset storage and convenient and easy electronic transactions, AToken Limited has launched the AToken storage wallet application. So, what benefits will the product bring to people? Let's find out details with BHO Network right in the reading below!

1. What is AToken Wallet?

AToken Wallet is an online decentralized wallet that stores different types of assets and contains many utilities for users. AToken Limited has issued this wallet. This is also a leading company in the Blockchain field, invested by Node Captial and OjuT Group.

AToken Wallet is an online decentralized wallet used to store assets

AToken always brings the most valuable utilities to customers. Not only storing, sending and receiving Tokens, but customers can also freely participate in the game. Dapp is integrated on the AToken online wallet.

2. Highlights of AToken Wallet ATToken Wallet

It brings many uses for users when participating in the cryptocurrency market. Some highlights of the product can be mentioned as follows:

- Multi-asset Wallet

Users can store many popular coins such as ETH, BTC, and ATOM,... In particular, the AToken wallet will develop many types. More cash in the future to meet more customer needs.

- DeFi

AToken added DeFi to support and help customers link with the app. Contact with Decentralized products.

- Staking

You can be staking some Crypto like Polkadot or Cosmos that the wallet is supporting the user.

- Using the dApp

To serve the gaming needs of our customers, the wallet has been integrated with the dApp for the best experience. In addition, AToken is still improving and adding many other game titles for users.

- Free trading

AToken always wants to bring the best benefits to customers. So users can trade BTC 3 times a day for free.

- Allows management of multiple wallet addresses

AToken allows users to create as many wallet addresses as they want to enhance the customer experience further.

- Currency exchange

To make it easier for users to swap multiple Cryptocurrencies, AToken has supported this service on the AWTF platform. For each transaction, you will incur 0.2% conversion cost and the exchange rate will depend on the major exchanges.

- Increase transaction

To speed up transactions, AToken has devised a solution to pay a fee for miners. As a result, customer transactions will be performed faster.

AToken Wallet has many utilities to support users

3. What devices can the AToken wallet be used on?

AToken wallet is an electronic application on mobile devices. Users can download the application on CH Play for the Android operating system or on the App Store for iOS operating system. You need to enter your name and press install AToken wallet to be able to use it.

AToken Wallet has mobile and desktop apps

Currently, investors can go directly to the atoken.com website to download the application to the device. Players can scan the QR code and select their device's operating system for a more accessible app download.

4. Detailed instructions on how to create AToken Wallet

After downloading the app to your phone, let's create an AToken Wallet account with BHO Network. The operation is done on Android and other operating systems people do the same.

Step 1: After the download is complete, everyone open the AToken Wallet application and click "Skip" in the right corner.

Click "Skip" on the right corner of the screen

Step 2: People need to authenticate you are not a Bot.

Verify you are not a Bot

Step 3: After complete authentication, please click on the "Me" humanoid icon in the lower right corner.

Tap the "Me" shaped icon in the lower right corner

Step 4: You continue to select "Sign in" to create an account.

Click "Sign in" to create an account

Step 5: After selecting, please fill in all information.

Fill in the information in the "Sign in" field

Step 6: To store assets, after step 5, create an AToken wallet by selecting "AToken" on the main screen.

Click on "AToken" to store assets

Step 7: Click "Create Wallet" to continue creating the wallet.

Click "Create Wallet" to create a wallet

Step 8: Next, please enter your name and password to secure your account information.

Enter information for your account

Step 9: Click "Agree" and "Create" to create an account. After verifying that you are not a Bot, a screen will appear that has completed a wallet.

Verify you are not a bot

Step 10: In case you lose your phone or forget your password, you need to make a backup by selecting "Back up now."

Select "Back up now" in case you forget your password

Step 11: After selecting "Back up now," the screen will display 12 English characters. Everyone needs to copy 1-12 and keep it in a safe place. Do not let anyone know because this is the information to log into the account.

Copy 1-12 and keep it in a safe place

Step 12: When you have selected 12 characters, select "Back up now." The screen will show 12 blank spaces in order 1-12. Everyone needs to fill in all information and select "Confirm."

Fill in the information and select confirm

5. Detailed instructions on how to use AToken Wallet

AToken Wallet brings a lot of benefits to investors. For users to better understand how to use the AToken wallet, BHO Network will guide you on how to use the AToken wallet.

5.1 Swap

People will see the application's primary interface with the "Swap" and "Exchange" sections. These two items both have the function of converting Coin/Token. Click "Swap" or "Exchange."

Click "Swap" or "Exchange" to make a transaction

Then, you click the token you need to convert, the amount. Finally, the user selects "Exchange" to continue the conversion.

5.2 How to send and receive the token

To receive and send a token in your wallet, please select "Wallet" in the bottom left corner. After that, a list of 19 supported tokens will appear.

Find the type of Token you want to withdraw

Next, select the token you want to send or receive and click "Receive" or "Send."

Select the Token you want to send or receive and then click "Recive" or "Send"

5.3 Staking

Bholdus will take Staking Comos as an example. Users need to own ATOM to participate in Staking. You can buy it on the exchange, deposit it in your AToken wallet, or convert Coin/Token to ATOM. Afterwards, investors need to click on "ATOM Staking" on the interface.

Click on "ATOM Staking" on the interface to make a transaction

Many organizations, businesses, and platforms allow users to stake ATOM with different profit levels. So, please choose a trusted platform when you want to join. Bholdus will choose "Sparkpool" to guide.

Instructions for working with Sparkpool

The user must press "Room" to lock the Token for 21 days.

Click "Reedoom" to lock the number of Tokens for 21 days

Afterward, the investor enters the Staking amount and selects "Delegate."

Enter the amount of Staking and select "Delegate"

5.4 Dapp

The first step is to select "Dapp" in the "Discover" section.

Go to "Discover" and then click "Dapp"

When accessing "Dapp," you just need to choose the type of game you want to play.

Game titles in AToken Wallet

5.5 DeFi

AToken currently supports 2 Decentralized products, MakerDAO and Compound. You can participate by clicking "Discover" and selecting "MakerDAO" or Compound.

Click "Discover" and choose "MakerDAO" or Compound to participate

The above article has somewhat explained the concept of “What is AToken Wallet?”, its features, how to create and use the wallet. I hope everyone has gained more knowledge through the article on BHO Network. Please visit the company's website for more helpful information about the financial market.

Published on July 02, 2022

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