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BHO Network officially launched Testnet with many important features

  1. Newly launched testnet of BHO - Cygnus
  2. BHO Network - A promising blockchain for DeFi and NFTs

Newly launched testnet of BHO - Cygnus

After a period of research and development, on 30th November 2021, BHO Network officially launched its Testnet-version blockchain called Cygnus for users and developers to use and experience.

Key features of Cygnus include: creation, destruction, and listing of users-own tokens and NFTs; add or create a BHO wallet to send and receive BHO and other related features. With these features, users can experience BHO technology through the creation and trading of digital assets as well as NFTs, using BHO blockchain as a platform to develop GameFi projects, DeFi applications in a safe environment at no cost.

The BHO blockchain uses the Nominated Proof of Stake (nPOS) consensus mechanism, a more extended version of the Proof of Stake (POS) consensus mechanism. Therefore, on Testnet, the BHO platform exhibits advantages such as very low gas fees, fast transaction processing - up to thousands of transactions per second, as well as high security.

A special attribution of Cygnus is the features and interface aimed at optimizing user experience. Users can create NFTs and tokens on BHO platform in a simple and intuitive way by setting parameters and filling out forms, without being too knowledgeable about programming smart contracts.

Testnet is a complete technology platform, working in tandem with the Mainnet, dedicated to testing features and developing projects. Through Testnet, BHO Network absorbs user opinions, contributes to perfecting and complementing the upcoming Mainnet. Developers can use it as an environment to test BHO technology platforms and develop their applications. At the same time, users and investors can experience, monitor and directly evaluate the features on the technology platform provided by BHO Network.

In order to celebrate this event, from December 1 to December 15, 2021, BHO Network will organize a Bug Bounty Contest. This is a contest that encourages users and developers to find areas of improvement in features, interfaces and potential bugs on Cygnus with a total prize pool of up to 10,000 USDT. For further information about the Contest, please follow the latest updates on BHO Network website and other social media channels.

The launch of Testnet is an important milestone in BHO Network's development roadmap. The project aims to be the bridge between real-world assets and financial needs with the DeFi space, creating a technology platform for DeFi, GameFi, Metaverse... applications to develop sustainably.

Right now, you can experience Cygnus to generate your own NFTs and tokens in the blink of an eye on your PC at: https://testnet.bholdus.net/

BHO Network - A promising blockchain for DeFi and NFTs

BHO Network is a multi-chain platform dedicated to decentralized financial (DeFi) applications and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). BHO Network carries the mission to connect the crypto space with qualified real-world assets using blockchain with minimal costs, high security and unparalleled transaction throughput. Through BHO Network, crypto projects such as gamefi & metaverse related businesses may utilize tokenization to convert their valuable assets into NFTs and asset-based tokens as proof of creditworthiness for unlimited access to different financial services in crypto space.

Furthermore, BHO Network has concurrently announced strategic partnerships with esteemed brands, namely Singapore Fintech Association, Global DCA, TechQuartier, etc. Following their 5-year roadmap, BHO Network thrives to emerge as a multinational ‘unicorn’ fintech firm. Accordingly, the core team specifically emphasizes their vision to develop a Multi-Hub of GameFi and Metaverse, which will bring limitless experience and redefine the real world.

Published on December 01, 2021

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