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3S Wallet has officially joined forces with Atleta Network, the pioneering Layer 1 EVM tailored for sports and entertainment activities. This partnership aligns with Atleta's vision of creating a comprehensive sports and entertainment ecosystem within the Web3 realm.

Atleta Network represents an innovative ecosystem, uniting companies that aim to blend the sports industry with Web3. By harnessing cutting-edge blockchain technology, Atleta Network offers a neutral, censorship-resistant platform, introducing novel economic models and applications to strengthen the bond between fans and athletes. The core of this ecosystem is the Atleta Blockchain, a highly scalable, multi-layered, EVM-compatible Layer 1 modular blockchain constructed on the Substrate framework. Atleta Network's partners include a diverse array of Web3 companies and sports entertainment enterprises such as Polygon, Afford Capital, Galactico Manager and Analytics FC.

Through this strategic alliance, 3S Wallet will assist Atleta Network in media campaigns, enhancing the development and visibility of both brands. Furthermore, 3S Wallet will facilitate the integration of Atleta Network’s Testnet, granting 3S Wallet users early access to Atleta’s test network, enabling them to experience DApps on Atleta and earn rewards.

3S Wallet is a sophisticated multi-chain crypto wallet developed by BHO Network, embodying the principles of Simplicity, Security, and Safety, aiming to achieve the highest standards in technology, security, and user experience.

Beyond its optimized core features, 3S Wallet offers several exceptional advantages, including a user-friendly and customizable interface for personal branding, on-ramp payment solutions, rapid token swaps with minimal costs, and low slippage. 3S Wallet is committed to delivering a unique and superior user experience.

Through this strategic collaboration, 3S Wallet and Atleta Network are poised to provide exceptional value to users while simultaneously advancing their brands and product offerings.

Published on May 30, 2024

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