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Basic Features of 3S Wallet

  1. Transaction
  2. Send token
  3. Receive token
  4. Swap token
  5. Buy token
  6. Portfolio management
  7. Interface customization - Make your personal impression
  8. Browser and dApps Access

On June 28, BHO Network officially launched the first version of 3S Wallet, allowing users to fully experience the core features of the wallet and provide feedback on improving the product in the future. This is an important piece that contributes to the completion of BHO Network’s ecosystem.

3S Wallet is built upon user experience, and aims to be a comprehensive, accessible, easy-to-set-up, and easy-to-use crypto wallet, offering the smoothest experience for every user.

Let's take a look at some core features of 3S Wallet with BHO Network!


3S Wallet users can enjoy the transaction feature to the fullest. The wallet supports sending and receiving tokens, and swapping in all supported networks quickly, which helps users to experience smooth and transparent transactions. Currently, 3S Wallet supports a number of popular networks such as: ERC20-Ethereum Main Network, BEP20-Binance Smart Chain, ERC20-Polygon Mainnet and BHC20 - BHO Chain of BHO Network.

With 3S Wallet, users can easily perform transactions such as Send, Receive, Swap and Buy tokens as follows:

Send token

Especially with 3S Wallet, you can transfer money with a message by entering “Remittance Message.” The first 100 remittances will be completely free, and then users will have to pay a small fee, 0.016 BHO per money transfer.

Receive token

Users can receive tokens through scanning QR code or copying the address provided by 3S Wallet. Users are always provided with proper accompanying tools to be able to conduct transactions quickly and efficiently.

Swap token

  • On-chain Transactions (swap): users are in full control in converting their assets directly on 3S Wallet Wallet with the swap feature.
  • Cross-chain Transactions (swap): Not only on-chain transactions, but 3S wallet also provides direct cross-chain transactions, which helps users move assets between different chains quickly and simply, saving their time as well as costs.

Buy token

With the on-ramp payment feature, 3S Wallet users can buy crypto directly with Fiat via credit cards. 3S Wallet is linked with Moonpay, helping users to pay easily, conveniently, quickly and securely in many different currencies and different payment methods when buying BTC, ETH, and more than 80 other popular cryptocurrencies.

This feature helps provide users the most professional and seamless experience. All transactions can be done solely on 3S Wallet.

Portfolio management

Users can manage their portfolio as well as monitor market movements right at the main interface of 3S Wallet.

In the main interface, users can easily understand all information such as wallet balance, current price, as well as 24-hour price movement of tokens. Users can also add new tokens by selecting the “+” sign at the top right corner of the screen, then searching for the desired token to add.

In addition to adding tokens, users can also optionally hide tokens by performing a left swipe at that token. Through it, users can choose to display only the tokens or coins that they are interested in.

In addition, users can connect or create many different wallets and manage them all on 3S Wallet. Most investors participating in the market will own many different wallet addresses to serve different purposes, and at the same time avoid "putting all eggs in one basket". On 3S Wallet, users can connect one or more wallets, helping to manage multiple asset groups flexibly.

Interface customization - Make your personal impression

Users can access the Settings section to change the settings of the wallet interface according to their preferences, such as: Main language, Light/Dark mode.

Users can also change their profile picture as well as their display name to create their own unique personal impressions.

Browser and dApps Access

Upon completion and optimization, web browsing and dApps access are integrated in 3S Wallet. Now users can use the wallet as a multi-functional medium not only for trading and managing assets, but also being able to go to the web and access all the popular decentralized applications (dApps) today quickly, conveniently, and safely.

Those are all the basic features of 3S Wallet. After a period of non-stop development and improvement, the first version of 3S Wallet officially came to the public, in order to gather users' opinions and feedback on June 28. Be the first to experience 3S Wallet and give your inputs to make it better!

Published on June 29, 2022

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