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BHO Network & CMC Capital - Cooperation for common goals

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BHO Network has officially partnered with CMC Capital - a venture capital fund who supports the required capital for potential blockchain projects, with the common goal of becoming the leading blockchain startup incubators.

In the spirit of cooperation for common goals, the two sides are willing to share comprehensive resources such as marketing services, community building strategies and technology platforms, and expand bilateral partner connections.

About CMC Capital

CMC Capital is a venture capital fund founded by a team of young Vietnamese entrepreneurs full of enthusiasm and passion for blockchain and the future technology it brings. CMC has invested and accompanied 19 blockchain projects including foundation, GameFi, and Web3 projects, of which there are some notable ones such as: Intergrite Network, Gelato Network and DareNFT.

Owning a network of partners with many investment funds, projects and exchanges, such as: Mexc, Bybit, SGN Capital, etc., CMC Capital is constantly evolving to position itself as a venture capital fund. and leading blockchain incubators.

About BHO Network

BHO Network is built on BHO Chain (BHC-20) - a high-speed blockchain platform with low transaction fees. The infrastructure of BHO Network can be cross-chained with other popular networks such as BNB Chain (BSC), Ethereum or Polkadot. BHO Network's mission is to support any business that sees blockchain as a solution to further optimize performance from existing operations.

In addition, BHO Network aspires to bring that support to all industries, including supply chain, media and entertainment, identity and credentials, healthcare, trade finance, financial services, government, digital assets, retail, etc.

Above all, BHO Network includes not only its own application, but also includes the overall ecosystem of all other applications developed on BHO Chain.

More information about BHO Network at: https://linktr.ee/bho.network

Through this partnership, BHO Network and CMC Capital will strengthen their bilateral position to become the leading blockchain startup incubators and launchpads in the market.

Published on July 31, 2022

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