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BHO Network is honored to attend Blockchain Fest 2022 - One of the largest blockchain conferences in Southeast Asia

BHO Network is honored to attend Blockchain Fest 2022, one of the largest and most exciting blockchain events in Southeast Asia. The conference has the participation of leading companies in the industry such as: Gemini, Binance, ByBit, GK8,...

This event will take place at Marina Bay Sands Convention Center - one of the most luxurious and iconic locations of Singapore. Here, the Blockchain and Crypto community can connect, share and learn with a lot of outstanding individuals, potential projects, and leading experts in the field.

The event is organized and coordinated by FINEXPO, a firm specialized in organizing large-scale financial conferences, forums and exhibitions. With a community of more than 100,000 participants, FINEXPO will definitely bring a breath of fresh air and elevate the position of Blockchain Fest 2022 in the international market.

This is not the first time Blockchain Fest has been held. In fact, the event took place in 2021 in Limassol - Cyprus with extreme success. Therefore, Blockchain Fest 2022 promises to be even more explosive, as Singapore is known as a global hub for crypto, and demonstrates regulatory friendliness to the industry.

Compared to last year, Blockchain Fest 2022 will add a number of conference programs in order to let all participants have the opportunity to exchange, learn and share experiences in an open environment. Discussions and seminars at the event will cover various technology areas such as: Blockchain, Exchanges, Cryptocurrencies, Decentralized Finance (DeFi), NFTs, Mining, Gaming, Online Payments and Investments.

The exhibition area of the event is a prominent highlight, which is scientifically arranged, and gathers a series of booths from many leading companies in the industry, becoming a special connecting space for participants with Business or VIP tickets.

Besides, the Crypto Award is also an important part of Blockchain Fest 2022. Online ballot box is now open, and all participants have the opportunity to meet the nominated company or individual in person before voting, so everyone can make objective decisions.

Speakers participating in the event include prominent individuals such as: Andy Meehan - CCO of Gemini exchange APAC region; Francesca Tay - Chief Content Strategy of Bybit exchange; Lior Lamesh - Founder of GK8, etc., along with many other notable faces in the industry.

BHO Network’s representative, Mr. Thomas Nguyen - Business Development Manager of BHO Network, is honored to attend Blockchain Fest 2022 with the mission of promoting BHO Network to partners in the region, sharing the vision and ambition of the project. At the same time, throughout the event, BHO Network will also be receptive to suggestions, as well as actively establish long-term and sustainable strategic partnerships with suitable and reputable partners.

Overall, Blockchain Fest 2022 is a grand event, covering many aspects of the blockchain and crypto spheres. Through this event, BHO Network wishes to affirm the company's position, as well as aim to become an international project with a diverse ecosystem in the future.

Especially with the large participation of many industry leaders such as Gemini, GK8, Antler, Bybit and Binance, this is also a huge opportunity, opening the door for BHO Network to learn more about the current practical needs in the blockchain market, and from there, create a solid premise for the company to gradually transform and reach out on a continental scale.

Published on June 02, 2022

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