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BHO Network officially cooperates, supports and integrates technology with Realbox - A blockchainized real estate investment platform with the aim to help users approach real estate investment opportunities more easily.

The real estate market has always been an investment channel with low risk and attractive profitability. However, this market still has specific barriers and difficulties. Hereby, Realbox was born with the mission to solve these difficulties by blockchain, by tokenizing real estate. Through the tokenization of large assets such as real estate, Realbox solves the problem of liquidity, financial barriers, and makes real estate investment more accessible, reliable and flexible, “decentralizing” the real estate market.

Realbox's platform is used by many entrepreneurs, businesses and organizations of various sizes, supporting transparent public conversion of any real estate property into pieces of digital assets that can invest and exchange flexibly.

Realbox's network of partners and investors includes many investment funds, blockchain companies, and real estate companies, such as: FINA, Sen Capital, FIM Ventures, NAM Property, STech and EZchain. This network will be continuously expanded to establish a strong, sustainable group for its long-term goals.

On the basis of extensive cooperation, BHO Network and Realbox will coordinate to develop technologies with 3 main goals as follows:

  • Directly integrating Realbox's real estate token on 3S Wallet, making it easy for users to manage assets, exchange and trade. At the same time, 3S Wallet users can get a seamless experience when interacting with and using Realbox's platform.
  • BHO Network's decentralized launchpad will be the official IDO implementation platform for Realbox's digitized real estate projects.
  • Support Realbox to build and deploy technology on BHO Chain, helping the project to optimize costs, speech and transaction fees.

In addition to technology cooperation, BHO Network will also accompany Realbox in implementing marketing campaigns, building communities and raising brands awareness, helping to effectively expand customer reach - including projects, businesses inside and outside the blockchain sector.

BHO Network is a product-diverse blockchain ecosystem, developed by the ideal of “Bring blockchain to life” - promoting the application and implementation of blockchain technology in real life. BHO Network's ecosystem currently includes BHO Chain - a high-speed blockchain platform with low transaction fees, BHO Pad - A multichain Launchpad, 3S Wallet - A multichain crypto wallet, decentralized exchange BHO DEX and BHO NFT Marketplace. BHO Network and its ecosystem aim to support all businesses to apply and use blockchain technology to promote digital transformation and optimize productivity while opening up new potentials. BHO Network owns a wide network of partners including investment funds of both global and local technology companies, such as: CMC Capital, Moonpay and Consensys.

More detailed information about BHO Network at: https://linktr.ee/bho.network

Through this cooperation opportunity, BHO Network and Realbox wish to share and combine resources to optimize potentials and create a driving force for the development of both sides. Besides, the combination of BHO Network and Realbox also contributes to promoting digital transformation, revolutionizing real estate investment that Realbox aims to.

Published on October 17, 2022

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