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BHO Network has officially announced the partnership with Tradecoin 247 - a community to share information, news, experience and knowledge regarding the crypto market. Through this partnership, BHO Network and Tradecoin 247 will coordinate to develop the brands of both sides, while concurrently building value for the cryptocurrency investor community in Vietnam.

Tradecoin 247 was established in July 2022, in the midst of the most challenging period of the market, so the goal and destination of Tradecoin 247 is to become a solid foundation to help investors protect capital and make a profit. At the same time, the community also aims to provide a solid knowledge base on technology, financial investment, as well as related knowledge, helping investors to prepare for every market cycle and make the most out of every opportunity.

Tradecoin 247 team currently has 9 admins, who are experts and professional investors with 3-5 years of crypto investment experience. Besides knowledge, news and information, Tradecoin 247 also provides long-term and short-term trading signals, sharing opportunities to receive airdrops, bounties, etc. to help investors maximize the market’s potentials. In addition, the team also focuses on in-depth analysis of technologies, projects, and applications to anticipate trends and discover "unicorns". Tradecoin 247's long-term vision is also to become a venture capital fund, supporting and investing in valuable projects.

As partners, BHO Network and Tradecoin 247 will share their diverse resources including experience in community building, technology, and coordinate events to strengthen both sides' brands. In addition, with its extensive network of partners and the BHO Pad launchpad, BHO Network can support Tradecoin 247 in its search, support and early investment into potential startups in the crypto field.

BHO Network is an ecosystem that includes many products applying blockchain technology such as: BHO Chain, BHO Pad, 3S Wallet, BHO DEX, and BHO NFT Marketplace. BHO Network was built and developed with the ideal of "Bring blockchain to life", promoting applications and bringing blockchain to the real world! BHO Network's mission is to support any business that considers blockchain as a solution to maximize productivity.

BHO Network is also one of the most recent partners to sign a strategic partnership with Consensys - a leading Ethereum blockchain software company valued at $7 billion, and parent company of Metamask, to build the technology infrastructure necessary for digital transformation and blockchain application in Vietnam.

More information about BHO Network at: https://linktr.ee/bho.network

Working together, Tradecoin 247 and BHO Network will actively develop their brands, while creating and sharing sustainable value with the crypto investment community in Vietnam.

Published on December 01, 2022

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