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BHO Network has officially signed a cooperation agreement with Unicorn Hunter Ventures blockchain technology application venture fund, strengthening the development of the ecosystem, while enhancing the influence and network of partners from both sides. Through multifaceted cooperation, BHO Network and Unicorn Hunter Ventures work towards the common goal of dedicating to the development of blockchain technology trends in Vietnam and the world.

Unicorn Hunter Ventures is a fund and venture capital platform applying blockchain technology. Unicorn Hunter Ventures allows retail investors to invest in potential startups in the crypto space.

Founded with the goal of becoming the world's leading decentralized investment platform with blockchain application, UHV ensures maximum transparency to projects and investors, a radical open environment, and a team of experts. professional and highly specialized. In addition to capital investment, UHV also invests in resources comprehensively. Unicorn Hunter provides a variety of solutions for Marketing, Market Maker, project development consultant, bringing projects to their goals.

On the basis of cooperation for mutual development, BHO Network and Unicorn Hunter Ventures will coordinate on branding and marketing, as well as other means such as organizing events and campaigns to strengthen the brands of both sides. At the same time, BHO and UHV will also consider the possibilities and potentials for technology integration and product development.

With the common goal of supporting potential startups and developing the future of blockchain technology in Vietnam as well as in the world, BHO and Unicorn Hunter Ventures can share experience, knowledge, and technology to partnered projects, as well as multifaceted support and help startup projects achieve their goals.

BHO Network is an ecosystem that includes many products applying blockchain technology such as: BHO Chain, BHO Pad, 3S Wallet, BHO DEX, and BHO NFT Marketplace. BHO Network was built and developed with the ideal of "Bring blockchain to life", promoting applications and bringing blockchain to the real world! BHO Network's mission is to support any business that considers blockchain as a solution to maximize productivity.

BHO Network has also signed a strategic partnership with Consensys, the leading Ethereum blockchain software company valued at $7 billion, and the parent company of Metamask, to build the necessary technology infrastructure for the digital transformation and blockchain application in Vietnam.

In 2022, BHO Network has launched a breakthrough key technology product, the 3S Wallet multichain wallet, to promote decentralization and provide an optimal security solution for investors. 3S Wallet has multi-network integration and easy-to-use interface, promoting users to join DeFi.

More information about BHO Network at: https://linktr.ee/bho.network

Through this partnership, BHO Network and Unicorn Hunter Ventures can create even more value for the crypto and blockchain space. In addition, this will reduce the impact that the market downturn is weighing on projects, and opens the door to success for potential startups.

Published on December 14, 2022

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