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BHO Network has officially announced the partnership with the innovative technology investment fund AVA Capital to support the development of Vietnamese intelligence, support capital-effective solutions, as well as development orientation for businesses and potential startups.

AVA Capital is an innovative technology investment fund, with expertise in consulting, research and development to support startup projects. AVA Capital is known as one of the pioneers in supporting projects from the early stages of development, and as a bridge between projects and investors. With its services, AVA Capital also helps investors feel secure and profitable when investing in Innovative Technology Enterprises under the professional supervision, analysis, and investment management of the AVA Business Ecosystem.

In addition, AVA Capital also supports businesses to solve capital problems, development strategies, as well as effectively build communities, helping Vietnamese businesses and startups thrive and achieve success, as well as create the best opportunity for investors.

Working with AVA Capital, BHO Network will provide comprehensive resources in knowledge, market experience and technology to support the realization of AVA's vision in bringing Vietnamese businesses to the world. At the same time, as partners, both sides will coordinate to deploy marketing campaigns to strengthen each other’s image and brand, and expand the network of effective partners.

BHO Network is an ecosystem that includes many products applying blockchain technology such as: BHO Chain, BHO Pad, 3S Wallet, BHO DEX and BHO NFT Marketplace. BHO Network was built and developed with the ideal of "Bring blockchain to life" - promoting applications and bringing blockchain to life! BHO Network's mission is to support any business that considers blockchain as a solution to maximize productivity.

BHO Network is also one of the most recent partners to sign a strategic partnership with Consensys - a leading Ethereum blockchain software company valued at $7 billion, and Holding company of Metamask - to build a technology base for digital transformation and blockchain application in Vietnam.

More information about BHO Network at: https://linktr.ee/bho.network

BHO Network and AVA Capital will work together to complete and enhance the strengths of both sides. At the same time, BHO Network also wishes to contribute more to the realization of the vision that AVA Capital aims towards - to develop blockchain technology in Vietnam.

Published on October 29, 2022

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