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BHO Network is pleased to announce the official signing of cooperation agreement with Metarrior - the first Web3 Game project to apply NFT 2.0, to become technology and communication partners, promoting the development potential of both sides.

Metarrior is the first web3 game in the MetaFe ecosystem based on the NFT 2.0 platform, belonging to the genre of role-playing strategy games combined with Match 3 puzzle elements, so it is easy to play, and has depth in combining tactical elements in team building combat, Metarrior promises to make a big splash in the blockchain gaming community.

Metarrior's NFT 2.0 with the new standard can completely overcome the disadvantages of the old NFT. With NFT 2.0, all character information in the Game will be saved on-chain, so users can completely own NFT to participate in experiencing many Game titles in the same ecosystem. That makes the value of NFT valuable over time and brings more rights to use and experience for the owner.

In order for the Metarrior project to develop quickly and sustainably, it is impossible to not mention the contributions of advisors as well as partners. Having a large network of partners in many fields such as: KOLs, gaming Guilds, blockchain technical projects, Youtubers, Streamers, ... will help Metarrior increasingly assert its position in the blockchain world.

By becoming comprehensive partners, Metarrior and BHO Network will coordinate and accompany each other on communication strategies, optimizing their community potential, bringing their products to more customers, as well as raise the status and image of both.

At the same time, on the basis of technology cooperation, BHO Network and Metarrior will research and integrate the game platform and marketplace directly with 3S Wallet. Through this, 3S Wallet can act as an all-in-one hub, helping Metarrior users to use the wallet to connect, store assets, trade, Stake and farm easily and securely.

BHO Network is a blockchain ecosystem with many diverse products, built and developed with the ideal of “Bring blockchain to life” - promoting the application and implementation of blockchain technology in real life. BHO Network's ecosystem currently includes core technology products such as: BHO Chain - high-speed blockchain network with low cost, BHO Pad - multichain Launchpad, multichain crypto wallet 3S Wallet, decentralized exchange BHO DEX and BHO NFT Marketplace.

BHO Network and its ecosystem aim to support all businesses to apply and use blockchain technology to promote digital transformation, optimize productivity, and unlock new potential. BHO Network possesses a strong network of partners including investment funds, domestic and foreign technology companies, such as: CMC Capital, Moonpay and Consensys.

In cooperating with Metarrior, BHO Network will take advantage of available resources and potential to support the project's development during volatile market times, and BHO and Metarrior will also accompany to enhance their bilateral position.

Published on October 21, 2022

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