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BHO Network partners with S.H.E Blockchain

  1. About S.H.E Blockchain
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The most solid foundation for development is knowledge, the most important factor for the success of projects in particular, and the entire blockchain industry in general, is human resources. Understanding that truth, BHO Network has officially cooperated with S.H.E Blockchain - the first blockchain human resource training organization for the community.

BHO Network will cooperate comprehensively with S.H.E Network in several aspects such as: marketing cooperation, communication strategy building, sharing technology, experience and knowledge resources, in order to create a solid partnership alliance and promote the sustainable development of the blockchain industry.

About S.H.E Blockchain

S.H.E Blockchain is the first blockchain training and human resource development organization for the community. S.H.E aims to build a comprehensive training course on all the necessary knowledge, thinking, skills and specialized English that an employee needs to join the blockchain industry. S.H.E Blockchain positions itself to become a training organization, providing quality personnel for businesses, projects, and organizations operating in the field of Blockchain & Crypto in Vietnam and the World.

Especially, S.H.E Blockchain applies the "Practical Curriculum" model, the entire course cost will be 100% supported for women who want to join the Blockchain industry. The organization is supported by famous Backers in the industry, such as: Kyber Network, Easy Trading, and is officially sponsored by the Vietnam Blockchain Alliance.

Detailed information about S.H.E Blockchain at: https://sheblockchain.io

About BHO Network

BHO Network is built on BHO Chain (BHC-20) - a foundational and critical component of the BHO Network in enabling the development of a complete ecosystem based on blockchain technology. Our blockchain platform’s mission is to enable innovations not only from new projects with breakthrough ideas in this space, but also support any company who sees blockchain as a solution to achieve intensive margin from current operations.

In addition, BHO Network aspires to bring that support to all industries including supply chain, media and entertainment, identity and credentials, healthcare, trade finance, financial services, government, digital assets, retail, etc.

And above all, BHO Network includes not only its own applications, but also the overall ecosystem of all other applications developed on BHO Chain.

More information about BHO Network at: https://linktr.ee/bho.network

BHO Network is very pleased to partner with S.H.E Blockchain. Through this partnership, the two sides will share common orientations and goals, thereby jointly promoting the development of the blockchain industry in Vietnam.

Published on September 15, 2022

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