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  1. BHO Chain: In Operation
  2. Objective
  3. Progress update
  4. BHO Pad: In Operation
  5. Objective
  6. Progress update
  7. 3S Wallet: In Operation
  8. Objective
  9. Progress update
  10. DEX: Completion pending
  11. Objective
  12. Progress update
  13. NFT Marketplace: Completion pending
  14. Objective
  15. Progress update

Overview of BHO Network ecosystem’s Roadmap 2022.

BHO Chain: In Operation

  • Mainnet was launched on December 31, 2021.
  • Currently, the system is still being centrally managed for updates and adjustments.


  • Becoming a blockchain network to support the digital transformation of SMEs (small and medium enterprises), and providing solutions for loyalty, education, logistics systems, etc.

Progress update

EVM compatible is being deployed on mainnet:

  • Documents: In progress.
  • EVM station: In progress, connection support: 3S Wallet, Trust, Metamask.

BHO explorer/scan:

  • BHO native chain (BHO Chain): 100%
  • BHO EVM Chain (BHO-E Chain): 50%

Multi cross chain:

  • EVM Core Bridge Contract (Core protocol): 100%

  • EVM Core Bridge End-to-End testing: 100%

  • EVM Token Bridge Contract (Fungible tokens transfer): 100%

  • EVM Token Bridge End-to-End testing: 50%

  • Relayer (Messengers between chains): 20%

  • UI Enduser / Admin: 20%

  • Target support for BHO-E Chain and BNB Chain.

BHO Pad: In Operation

  • The project was officially launched on March 31, 2022.
  • Currently accepting IDO listings for Blockchain projects, plus BHO Pad is still being updated and adjusted in the core system so that users can have a faster and smoother experience.


  • Becoming a launch pad for Blockchain projects in Southeast Asia, along with a selection of potential projects to put into operation on BHO Chain.
  • 50% of BHO Pad’s revenue will be used to Buy Back BHO Tokens in the market and conduct Burning.

Progress update

  • BHO Pad support BEP20: 100%
  • Support multi chain: in-progress 40%
  • Enhance UX.
  • Optimize smart contract to reduce fees: 80%
  • Refund feature: Cho phép người dùng.

3S Wallet: In Operation

  • The project was officially launched on June 30, 2022.
  • Currently 3S Wallet has more than 100,000 downloads on AppStore and CH Play, and more than 5000 Active Users per day, with integrated connection for more than 30 Crypto projects.
  • Full integration and support for EVM & Non-EVM Blockchain networks.


  • Become a place to store Crypto assets for users around the world, giving Users the best and safest experience. Furthermore, 3S Wallet is positioned to become the "heart" of the entire BHO Network ecosystem, the door that brings financial flows and users into the BHO Chain.
  • 50% of 3S Wallet’s revenue will be used to Buy Back BHO Token in the market and then conduct Burning.

Progress update

_ Multi-chain supports:

  • EVM chains: Fantom, Avax, Cronos, BSC, ETH … 100% completion
  • Cardano: testing.
  • Tron: planned for implementation.
  • Polkadot: planned for implementation.

_ Memo: 100%

_ Dapps Browsers: 100%

  • Chongluadao.vn integration: testing.
  • Category indexing: in progress.

_ Push notification: 90%

_ Reward feature: 50%

_ Shop-to-earn: planned for implementation - Q4/2022.

DEX: Completion pending

  • The project is currently in the process of being completed, currently at 85%.


  • Becoming the intersection of financial flows on the BHO Network ecosystem, and also helps users to increase their income steadily from the Crypto market.
  • 50% of the DEX’s revenue will be used to Buy Back BHO Token in the market and then conduct Burning.

Progress update

_ EVM contract: 100%

  • Swap
  • Pool / Liquidity

_ UI Development & Integration: 50%

_ Backend APIs: 60%

NFT Marketplace: Completion pending

  • The project is currently in the process of being completed, currently at 70%.


  • Approaching the Web3 trend with the desire to become an NFT Marketplace with the largest trading volume in the world, with financial flows and high liquidity pools to help NFTs projects easily develop. From there, it is possible to pull more financial flows into the ecosystem of BHO Network.
  • 50% of NFT Marketplace’s revenue will be used to Buy Back BHO Token in the market and then conduct Burning.

Progress update

Layer 1: Core blockchain

  • Back office CMS: 70%
  • Seller platform: 70%
  • API backend: 30%

Layer 2: Smartcontract

  • NFT smart contract ERC721: 100%
  • NFT marketplace: 50%

Through this 2022 - 2023 Roadmap overview, the BHO team wants to announce to the community that we have decided to hold back 2 products, DEX and NFT Marketplace, and these two products will be launched in 2023.

Holding back the above two products will help the BHO Network team to focus on operating and profiting from the existing products, which also avoids waste when launching too many products during the Bear Market.

At the same time, the team will also have more time to research and update for better and more diverse DEX & NFT Marketplace products.

And through this, the Core Team team once again affirms that the products developed by BHO Network will always aim to be the best in terms of quality, to create more value for investors as well as users. BHO Network ecosystem, with an experienced and enthusiastic team, will always accompany investors on the path to success.

Published on September 19, 2022

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