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BHO Network Officially unveils the 2024 Project Roadmap. Aligned with its mission statement "Bring blockchain to life”, BHO Network outlines strategic steps for the year ahead, emphasizing the development of White Label products to boost and support blockchain projects, create the BHO ecosystem, and enhance the applicability of the BHO token. Simultaneously, the project will continue refining, expanding, and upgrading existing products to better meet market demands.

This year, 2024, marks a transformative phase for BHO Network, bringing forth new objectives and heightened ambitions.

Q1: BHO Pad Ver 2.0 - Multichain

A comprehensive upgrade of BHO Pad Ver 2.0, adopting a multichain approach to facilitate collaboration and development with global projects.


1. 3S Wallet Premium 01: Active Defense

Introducing Active Defense as an added proactive security feature, enhancing 3S Wallet's effectiveness in thwarting risks posed by malicious code in the contemporary online environment.

2. White Label Products for Blockchain: Gamification, Wallet, Pad

Launching a new product suite to serve as a platform for blockchain solutions domestically and internationally, fostering an ecosystem utilizing the BHO token, including Gamification, Wallet, and Pad products.

Q3: White Label Products for Blockchain: Gamification, Decentralized P2P

Continued upgrades and the establishment of a product ecosystem for blockchain solutions, particularly decentralized P2P offerings.


1. 3S Wallet Premium 02: Account Abstraction, Multi-party computation

A comprehensive upgrade to 3S Wallet, incorporating Account Abstraction technology, paving the way for Smart Accounts on 3S Wallet. Utilizing Multi-party Computation (MPC) to enhance asset security for users.

2. Upgrade to Core V2 for decentralized P2P transactions

In addition to the outlined roadmap enhancements, the BHO Network team remains committed to ongoing refinement of existing products to provide an enhanced user experience. With these comprehensive changes, BHO Network will steadfastly continue its mission-driven journey.

Published on January 31, 2024

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