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  3. BHO Network officially launched Mainnet version 1.0, ready to join the race of Web 3, Metaverse, GameFi

BHO Network officially launched Mainnet version 1.0, ready to join the race of Web 3, Metaverse, GameFi

  1. BHO’s Mainnet 1.0 has been officially launched
  2. BHO Network - Potential Blockchain for GameFi, DeFi 2.0, Web 3 and Metaverse Applications

BHO’s Mainnet 1.0 has been officially launched

On December 30, BHO Network officially launched its Mainnet version 1.0 worldwide. With Mainnet 1.0 launch, BHO formally comes into operation as a multi-chain blockchain platform, which is suitable for the development of projects requiring rapid data processing capabilities and having complex transactions such as GameFi or DeFi 2.0 projects on web 3.0.

In comparison with other platforms such as Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, BHO Network’s blockchain has salient advantages, such as the use of the Nominated Proof of Stake (nPOS) consensus mechanism and the integration of the heterogeneous Cross-chain feature.

In particular, with the Nominated Proof of Stake (nPOS) consensus mechanism, the BHO platform possesses the ability to process transactions quickly – up to thousands of transactions per second, as well as very low gas fees and high-security capabilities. Specifically, the BHO chain has a processing speed of 1500 TPS with scalability up to 50K TPS, transaction processing time under 3s; with a transaction fee of only $0.000065, 40k times cheaper than ETH ($3), 700 times cheaper than BSC ($0.05) and even less than Solana ($0.001).

Meanwhile, the heterogeneous Cross-chain feature allows BHO to link and exchange Cross-chain data with other blockchain platforms - thus improving the scalability and taking full advantage of the resources from multiple ecosystems.

Mr. Nhat Phan - BHO Network’s Co-Founder and CEO shared: “With a blockchain network, Mainnet is the starting point. The launch of Mainnet version 1.0 marked BHO officially entering a new era of the blockchain industry, an era with the explosive development of decentralized applications such as GameFi, Web 3.0 and DeFi 2.0. Along with Mainnet 1.0, we hope to accompany developers and users soon to discover and build an innovative, efficient, safe and secure ecosystem on the BHO platform itself.”

More importantly, with Mainnet 1.0, the project’s token BHO officially became the coinbase of the BHO blockchain. BHO is used to pay gas fees to stake transactions, access utilities, and represent the administration of the BHO ecosystem. Soon, the BHO project will launch Launchpad, NFT Marketplace, DEX decentralized exchange, and its own wallet to continue completing other parts of the ecosystem.

Specifically, with the mission of “connecting the real-world assets to crypto space”, BHO Network’s Mainnet aims at not only professional developers, but also end-users who are businesses of all sizes, content creators or who are not tech-savvy individuals. With the BHO platform, users can use the Token and NFT issuance features on Mainnet "like a flash" without direct intervention from a software engineering team like other blockchains.

BHO’s Mainnet is a technology solution and powerful platform that other projects can leverage and develop, thereby contributing to the advances in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. Furthermore, completing the products and launching the Mainnet on time once again reaffirms BHO Network team's determination to develop the project in accordance with the roadmap and commitment to bring sustainable benefits to investors and users.

BHO Network - Potential Blockchain for GameFi, DeFi 2.0, Web 3 and Metaverse Applications

BHO Network is a multi-chain blockchain platform built on the Substrate Framework, providing a full range of decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols as well as applications (DApps) to develop a blockchain ecosystem that helps connect the real world and Metaverse space. With advantages such as security and high transaction processing speed, low cost, Cross-chain multi-network connectivity and easy encryption of real assets, BHO Network's blockchain platform is optimized to meet the development of technology projects, supporting the digitization of business activities based on Web 3.0.

In its development roadmap, BHO Network aims to become a leading blockchain platform in Southeast Asia in creating, encoding and applying digital assets, and providing decentralized financial solutions for small and medium businesses. BHO Network defines the ambition to become a multinational technology company, with the vision of building a Multi-hub and blockchain ecosystem, bringing limitless experience and redefining a new world.

BHO MAINNET 1.0 OFFICIAL LINK: https://bho.network

Find out more about BHO at:

Published on December 30, 2021

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