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BHO Pad announces partnership with Gotbit Foundation

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BHO Pad is pleased to announce a potential partnership with a global partner, Gotbit Foundation - An investment fund and an experienced blockchain service company established in 2017, focusing on the long-term development of decentralized projects. The partnership marks the beginning and impetus for the future cooperation chain of both sides!

Gotbit is a large and prestigious partner in the field, providing a large and diverse range of services, supporting BHO Pad to expand the connection range and bring more value to projects deployed on BHO Pad, as well as strengthening the position of BHO Pad itself.

Through this partnership, BHO Pad and Gotbit Foundation will cooperate, share resources and experiences, as well as partners in many aspects, including (but is not limited to):

  • Professional Marketing Service
  • Project screening and evaluation
  • Partner networking

In addition, BHO Pad can also use many specialized services provided by Gotbit Foundation, such as Market management and project development consultancy. BHO Pad can also provide smart contract audit services and multi-purpose technology solutions for partners.

With the common goal of accompanying and supporting the long-term development of potential startups in the blockchain field, as well as towards a decentralized future, BHO Pad is delighted to work closely with Gotbit Foundation and together will connect and bring potential and ambitious projects to success.

“The partnership between BHO Pad and Gotbit Foundation will be the beginning and driving force for the future cooperation chain of both sides,” commented Nhat Phan - Co-Founder & CEO of BHO Network.

About Gotbit Foundation

Founded in 2017 by a team of experts in blockchain and Mathematics, Gotbit is an Investment Fund which based in many countries, and is among the TOP 10 Crypto companies in the CIS. Gotbit Foundation was established to invest as well as comprehensively support the development of potential decentralized projects.

With over 5 years of market making experience and working with over 200 different partners, Gotbit is one of the most reputable Market Makers in the market. Currently, Gotbit has expanded the field, and is now known as an ICO accelerator and incubator. By implementing business development strategies for blockchain projects with services such as: Technology development, market making, mentoring, PR & Marketing, partner connection and fundraising, Gotbit has contributed to the success of more than 350 different projects.

As a well-established and experienced company in the field, Gotbit is a partner of many large projects, companies and exchanges, namely: DAO Maker, OKx, Kucoin, Gate.io , Hacken and Binance.

Gotbit was voted among the TOP 50 ICO accelerators in the world, and TOP 50 best ICO advisors by ICO Rating.

About BHO Pad

BHO Pad - one of many core products of BHO Network's ecosystem, is a comprehensive Launchpad and launch pad for success of potential blockchain projects. BHO Pad supports crowdfunding solutions for projects in the early stages, as well as providing marketing, technology and consulting solutions for project development.

BHO Network is built on BHO Chain (BHC-20) - a high-speed blockchain platform with low transaction fees. The infrastructure of BHO Network can be cross-chained with other popular networks such as BNB Chain (BSC), Ethereum or Polkadot. BHO Network's mission is to support any business that sees blockchain as a solution to further optimize performance from existing operations.

BHO Network includes not only applications built and developed by the company itself, but also the overall ecosystem of other applications developed on BHO Chain.

With a general long-term vision, BHO Pad wishes to cooperate with Gotbit Foundation to develop a future of decentralized Web3 with blockchain technology by incubating and developing potential projects.

Published on June 18, 2022

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