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BHO Pad and FAM Central have officially become multi-faceted partners to expand influence and enhance bilateral position.

Through the partnership, FAM Central and BHO Pad will take advantage of available resources to coordinate and promote the position of both sides. BHO Pad will provide technology solutions as well as marketing strategies, while FAM Central will support multi-industry services and connect partners to expand influence.

About FAM Central

FAM Central is a platform that combines the NFT model and decentralized finance (Defi), built on Binance Smart Chain that aims to help the film and entertainment industry create the Metaverse – a digital universe connected to the real world.

FAM possesses a diverse ecosystem of products, such as:

  • Fanvestor platform: SocialFi Entertainment Platform (Social Media + Finance), DeFi and NFT apps.
  • DeFi platform: A decentralized financial ecosystem, an important piece of Fanvestor.
  • FAM Metaverse Portal: Metaverse portal for all digital assets from around Metaverse Entertainment (games, movies, artists, music, etc.)

Accompanying and supporting FAM Central are many major partners from various fields such as Chanh Phuong Film Studio, ZipMex exchange, and large investment funds such as Republic and Lucky Ventures.

About BHO Pad

BHO Pad - one of many core products of BHO Network's ecosystem, is a comprehensive Launchpad and successful launch pad for potential blockchain projects. BHO Pad supports crowdfunding solutions for projects in the early stages, as well as supporting marketing technology solutions, as well as project development advice.

BHO Network is built on BHO Chain (BHC-20) - a high-speed blockchain platform with low transaction fees. The infrastructure of BHO Network can be cross-chained with other popular networks such as BNB Chain (BSC), Ethereum or Polkadot. BHO Network's mission is to support any business that sees blockchain as a solution to further optimize performance from existing operations.

BHO Network includes not only its own application, but also includes the overall ecosystem of all other applications developed on BHO Chain.

By working together, BHO Pad and FAM Central can simultaneously learn and support each other to build, develop and complete a solid foundation ecosystem that is both attractive and creates the most value.

Published on August 11, 2022

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