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Brand Story: The Universe in a Nutshell and the Inception of 3S Wallet

  1. About 3S Wallet logo
  2. What is “The Universe in a Nutshell”?
  3. How was 3S Wallet inspired?
  4. SIMPLE - Web3 World becomes easier with 3S Wallet
  5. SECURE - 3S Wallet’s strong fence
  6. SAFE - Discover the new world with 3S Wallet
  7. Conclusion

3S Wallet is the result of a period of intensive research and development by the BHO Network team with the mission to bring a complete, reliable financial tool for individuals and organizations to store assets, optimally spend, and trade cryptocurrencies at any places and time.

About 3S Wallet logo

Inspired by the book "The Universe in a Nutshell" by Stephen Hawking, the chestnut image in the 3S Wallet logo represents the completeness of the product with the multi-chain connection of the puzzle pieces in the "crypto universe" - helping to integrate all features in one application, making this process becoming simple, secure, and safe for wallet users.

Besides, the "Nutshell universe" is protected by a sharp squirrel - the mascot of 3S Wallet. The image of the squirrel is often seen in myths with magical spells, agilely moving between tree branches and leading the "wanderers" to find precious treasures in the multi-dimensional universe.

What is “The Universe in a Nutshell”?

In 1988, the first book by Stephen Hawking “A Brief History of Time” was published, and has been well-known as a bible during human physics history. After that, “The Universe in a Nutshell” has become the following part of his previous multi-million-copy work, winning the 2002 Aventis Prize for Science Books and being sold more than 10 million copies worldwide.

Nevertheless, compared to the high level of complexity of “A Brief History of Time”, the physics literacy included in “The Universe in a Nutshell” was simplified and updated a wide range of multidimensional theory, thereby being more engaging to readers. These following points demonstrate several key points as follows:

  1. A Brief History of Relativity - How Einstein laid the foundations of the two fundamental theories of the twentieth century: general relativity and quantum theory.
  2. The Shape of Time - Einstein's general relativity gives time a shape. How this can be reconciled with quantum theory.
  3. The Universe in a Nutshell - The universe has multiple histories, each of which is determined by a tiny nut.
  4. Predicting the Future - How the loss of information in black boles may reduce our ability to predict the future.
  5. Protecting the Past- Is time travel possible? Could an advanced civilization go back and change the past?
  6. Our Future? Star Trek or Not? - How biological and electronic life will go on developing in complexity at an ever increasing rate.
  7. Brane New World - Do we live on a brane or are we just holograms?

How was 3S Wallet inspired?

It could be seen that this scientific basis proposed by Stephen Hawking is extremely consistent with the current trending problem, which has been challenging a wide range of cryptocurrency projects: "Blockchain Trilemma". Specifically, this term comprises a set of three main development pillars: decentralization, security and scalability. Noticeably, one blockchain can not satisfy all the factors instead of choosing two elements at the same time.

From all the above facts, BHO Network team was endlessly inspired to launch the 3S Wallet product. With core product values built around the Simple - Secure - Safe standard axis, 3S Wallet is confident to be the key to solve the "Blockchain Trilemma", and bring the most complete experience to Web3 users.

SIMPLE - Web3 World becomes easier with 3S Wallet

In relation with chapters (1), (2) and (3) from "The Universe in a Nutshell", the countless passion towards science of Stephen Hawking shaped his intense determination to merge quantum physics & general relativity. Being introduced by the legendary scientist Albert Einstein in the 20th century, this historical step aims to provide wider perspectives in terms of universe-related concerns.

Additionally, the universe's origin, being divided into separate stages along with tiny molecules, was successfully explained by Stephen Hawking. Specifically, he argued that the smallest elements that make up the universe are string forms, instead of particles as normal assumption. This context leads to valuable lessons to be acquired that all results come from the smallest and simplest things.

With deep comprehension about this profound philosophy, BHO Network team decided SIMPLE as the first criteria to integrate into 3S Wallet. In fact, blockchain technology is still an inaccessible mystery to a majority of people.

Nevertheless, throughout the 3S Wallet-conducting process, BHO Network has constantly gained and inherited experiences from the initial generation of Web3 wallets such as MetaMask, Trust Wallet, etc., with the aim to properly upgrade wallet features. Hence, the innovative product is not only more easy-to-use, but also ensures the fulfillment of all functional aspects of the application.

In other words, 3S Wallet will simplify and optimize the Web3 interface to enhance efficiency for blockchain communities. Furthermore, BHO Network is always open to all concerns, and strives to establish the most satisfying product based on common demands.

SECURE - 3S Wallet’s strong fence

Moving on the chapters (4), (5), Stephen Hawking has proposed two rather abstract hypotheses related to cosmic black holes and the time-traveling process. Basically, this theoretical physicist mentioned that humanity will have limited creativity and intellectual power without the important information in personal life, as well as cherish the past since it is impossible for humans to get the past returned and fix all the mistakes.

Therefore, SECURE becomes the second chosen criteria. In fact, in the Web3 space, in case of losing personal information such as passwords, wallet characters, etc., users will not be able to restore the wallet or access property.

To avoid any negative situation, the security process for user accounts is strictly followed by 3S Wallet and includes specific step-by-step instructions for users to follow when accessing the product. Meanwhile, 3S Wallet's technology system also fully meets the necessary standards to protect against intrusion from external factors.

BHO Network believes that these secure protection will enhance community trust on its development journey as well as freely explore and feel secure to fully experience 3S Wallet services. From there, creating conditions for users to make the most creative and objective evaluation suggestions about 3S Wallet so that BHO Network can properly modify and upgrade in the future.

SAFE - Discover the new world with 3S Wallet

In the last two chapters (6) and (7), the hypothesis about the tremendous development of future world and multi-dimensional space is explained by Stephen Hawking with strong expectations for the next generations. Accordingly, human biological life and the evolution of electronics will be the next universal-changing steps, in which the possibility of human existence under the shell of many different spatial dimensions is not excluded.

There are quite a few coincidences between Stephen Hawking mindset and crypto. There have been statistics about the battle between blockchain and quantum computers - powerful machines that can solve complex equations much faster than conventional computers. It is estimated by experts that they can crack encryption keys in minutes, while the current fastest computers could take thousands of years.

As a result, most digital security infrastructures could be at risk, including the cryptographic method that is the foundation of Bitcoin and altcoins. Theoretically, quantum computers could crack Bitcoin's security layer. However, the latest calculations published in early 2022 shows that it is required to be a million times larger than today's quantum computers to do this.

Hence, it could be confirmed that blockchain is currently the most advanced technology today (evolution of electronics). It is the human that creates the existence of the blockchain in lieu of machines (human biological life). The hypothesis that humans living in different spatial dimensions is also reasonable (metaverse). In which, blockchain solution is making it more convenient to interact with each other regardless of geographical location.

Thanks to the blockchain’s superiority, associated with the mission to enhance security and empower individuals and organizations to contribute to the future development, SAFE is the final criterion being added to 3S Wallet.

Assets stored in 3S Wallet will be guaranteed to be safe, classified specifically and clearly according to the contract address in accordance with the supporting platform for each type of token, completely belonging to the user's ownership and is not governed by BHO Network, aiming to decentralize directly to the community.


Along with the 3S Wallet brand story, BHO Network team is expected to fully deliver the core values to users, proving the community responsibility.

BHO Network will constantly strive to maintain the positive inspiration to further improve 3S Wallet with the mission of being a digital asset storage platform and, at the same time, one of the platforms with safe, simple, and secure features allowing users to exchange and trade many different tokens with the best exchange rate. Significantly, this product is created based on users’ opinions and authentic experiences.

Published on June 29, 2022

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