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Consumer-Friendly Features 3S Wallet Brings to Crypto Users

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For storing, trading, and paying, as well as increasing the security of crypto assets, crypto wallets are definitely one of the best choices for users, because crypto wallets have a higher level of security than exchanges.

There are many types of cryptocurrency wallets in the market today. Each one has different properties with certain pros and cons. In this article, BHO Network team will focus on exploring the most popular form today, mobile crypto wallet, and the consumer-friendly features that 3S Wallet application has developed to help users gain easier access to the application.

Pros and cons of Mobile crypto wallets


In general, mobile crypto wallets are almost completely similar to browser wallets. Both are still centralized, unmanaged wallets, and both allow users to make transactions while autonomously controlling their private keys.

The main benefit of a mobile crypto wallet over the browser version is the flexibility of the device using the app. Users can easily manage their assets at any time they want, because the phone is, of course, much more convenient than a desktop computer or laptop, and the frequency of phone contact during the day is also significantly higher.


Blockchain brings many great improvements but also creates an opportunity to attract malicious actors. The underlying technology for mobile crypto wallets provides more security than centralized applications. However, there will be hackers who take advantage of carelessness from users or loopholes from wallet developers in the product design process to launch attacks.

In reality, the process of using a mobile crypto wallet is still relatively complicated even though it has been streamlined compared to the browser version, thereby causing many difficulties for users, especially newcomers to the market.

Make mobile crypto wallet simple with 3S Wallet

To overcome the above disadvantages, 3S Wallet has been designed with a number of important features to provide an optimal balance of accessibility and friendliness, while ensuring full security and safety for user assets, according to the Simple - Secure - Safe standards.

To start experiencing the wallet, please download the “3S Wallet” app. The app with the squirrel icon can be searched and downloaded at the App Store or CH Play. Or, you can download by scanning the QR code below.

Download 3S Wallet as follows:


For some current wallets, although there is a function to switch between light / dark modes, when accessing the wallet, users will often immediately be greeted with the default dark interface, inadvertently obstructing the view for users in the product experience.

Understanding this, 3S Wallet has defaulted to a bright interface with a unique color scheme. You can still customize the dark interface with just one click on the icon illustrated below.

Next is the greeting from the BHO Network team that is automatically adjusted to match the times of the day, creating a connection anytime, anywhere with users.

Every basic to advanced function of a crypto mobile wallet including sending, receiving, buying, trading cryptocurrencies, shortcuts for adding tokens/switching light and dark modes, as well as notifications, browser access, and settings are well-presented by 3S Wallet with a simple layout to help users be clear of any confusion when using.

Token prices are updated according to the market rate. 3S Wallet has removed the price chart because it does not want to cause confusion and affect user psychology. In addition, 3S also pre-classifies each type of wallet address in accordance with the network that the token is supported to avoid confusion for new users.

PIN code will always appear to force users to enter correctly to start accessing 3S Wallet. With some wallets in the market today, there will exist a function in the settings that allows users to skip the step of entering the pin code, which is extremely dangerous. Therefore, 3S Wallet did not add this feature.

As for crypto purchases, 3S Wallet will automatically identify the user's country based on the app store location it was downloaded from. Thanks to this technology, 3S Wallet will automatically convert the currency in accordance with the country the user is living in, making it more convenient to pay for transactions between Fiat-Crypto.

Finally, the design of swap and cross-chain functions will help users feel closer to the application. Because between the logo, the token name and the support chain, 3S Wallet has arranged them horizontally instead of vertically like most other mobile crypto wallets.

Because 3S Wallet understands that users are used to observing such token patterns in major crypto-monitoring platforms such as CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko, the vertical layout will cause difficulties for users, and that may even lead to confusion and errors in the transaction.

Through this article, BHO Network team hopes to convey information fully about the user-friendly features of 3S Wallet to help users have the most optimal product experience without any hindrance.

Published on July 22, 2022

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