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  3. Finding ease upon entering the crypto market with 3S Wallet

Finding ease upon entering the crypto market with 3S Wallet

  1. 1. Connect or create new wallets easily
  2. 2. Manage portfolios and markets with ease
  3. 3. Simple Cryptocurrency Trading

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain are the new techno-finance sector that has great appeal due to its fast, continuous, and non-stop innovation.

Looking at the developments of the field in recent years, we can see that blockchain and cryptocurrencies will become an inevitable trend in the future. In order to achieve that goal, they need to be easily accessible to users.

Understanding that, BHO Network has been constantly researching, learning, and now has successfully developed 3S Wallet - a tool to help users easily access blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency world.

3S Wallet is a multi-chain cryptocurrency wallet, developed by BHO Network, and an important piece of BHO Network ecosystem in the future. Not only does 3S Wallet apply blockchain technology to make it secure, decentralized, and safe, it is also designed and developed based on user experience, in order to create the easiest experience for the community. Let's find out the ease that 3S Wallet has been and will bring to all users:

1. Connect or create new wallets easily

With 3S Wallet, the process is minimized to the max. After installing the wallet, users can create a new wallet with only 2 steps:

In addition, to connect more new wallets, users just need to click on “Wallet” and add a wallet by entering the keyphrase. To get and save your seedphrase, users can go to "Back up seedphrase" and record their seedphrase.

2. Manage portfolios and markets with ease

3S Wallet users can get all necessary basic information such as token price, 24-hour price movement, account balance.

On the main interface, users can easily distinguish tokens of different blockchain standards, instead of putting them together like Trust Wallet, or forcing users to actively change or add networks like Metamask. With 3S Wallet’s design, users will not be confused with tokens belonging to different blockchains, leading to risks of sending to the wrong network.

In addition, users can also add and hide tokens on the main interface at will. The 3S Wallet interface is designed based on users’ own experience, and it clearly recognizes the difficulties and questions encountered when they enter the market and use crypto wallets.

3. Simple Cryptocurrency Trading

Right on 3S Wallet’s main interface, it is easy to see the 4 main features: sending, receiving, buying, and swapping cryptocurrencies. All four functions are performed in a single step.

Especially, the cooperation with Moonpay - one of the leading cryptocurrency payment systems today - allows 3S Wallet users to buy cryptocurrency directly on the Wallet with a bank account. This helps to create a seamless and smooth experience, and helps to solve problems for new users.

Built and developed from users' experience, 3S Wallet promises to bring ease to users when starting with the cryptocurrency market.

3S Wallet’s first version officially came to the public on June 28, and is open to users’ feedback. Be the first to experience 3S Wallet and share your suggestions to make 3S Wallet better!

Published on July 02, 2022

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