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  1. How to get the referral code
  2. 3S Wallet's "Rewards" program interface
  3. Invite your friends
  4. Option 1: Share the application download link:
  5. Option 2: Share referral code
  6. Option 3: Share QR code
  7. Earn rewards

3S Wallet has officially launched the "Rewards" program that allows users to receive passive income through sharing, referring 3S Wallet applications to friends and receiving rewards.

In this article, BHO Network will guide you in detail on how to participate in the 3S Wallet Rewards program!

Explore more about 3S Wallet's “Rewards” program HERE!

How to get the referral code

If you have previously used 3S Wallet or you are a new user installing 3S Wallet for the first time, you will get the following interface when you click on the "Rewards" feature:

You need to enter “Referral Code” to activate and join the program.

  • If you received a referral code from your referrer, just enter “Referral Code” and press “Confirm”

  • If someone refers you to install 3S Wallet through a link, you must click on the link once again and then choose "Open 3S Wallet" so that the application may verify the referral information and turn on automatically so that you can begin taking part in the program.

  • If you were referred to install 3S Wallet via scanning a QR code, you will see a 4-digit referral code under the QR code. You enter that information in the “Referral Code” section and click and “Confirm”

In addition, if you have been using 3S Wallet or installing 3S Wallet without any referral, you can get 3S Wallet's "Referral Code" by following these steps:

Step 1: Click on the exclamation point icon in the right corner of the "Gift" interface.

The screen will go to the introduction page of the “Gift” program on 3S Wallet and the “Referral Code” section will be displayed on the top of the page.

Step 2: Copy “Refferal Code”

Step 3: Enter “Referral Code” on “Rewards" interface of 3S Wallet and press and “Confirm” button, your interface will display as follows:

3S Wallet's "Rewards" program interface

The "Rewards'' interface in 3S Wallet will statistics and display data like: withdrawable incentives, total volume of transactions, number of individuals you've referred and who have generated transactions on 3S Wallet using the invited and valid information.

Invite your friends

To refer and share the 3S Wallet app, tap the “Invite Friends” button. 3S Wallet provides 3 ways to “Invite Friends” as follows:

Option 1: Share the application download link:

  • Click share link
  • Copy path
  • Send the link to the person you want to refer

Option 2: Share referral code

  • Click on the referral code
  • Copy referral code
  • Send referral code to the person you want to refer

Option 3: Share QR code

  • Click on “QR Code”
  • Scan directly or Take a QR code to send to the person you want to introduce

Earn rewards

Click "Get Reward" to transfer the BUSD to your 3S Wallet after collecting a reward worth 1 BUSD or greater.

Before claiming the wallet prize, you must verify the following details (with in mind that BNB is required to pay the claim fee):

Following confirmation, 3S Wallet will execute a transaction to transfer funds from the "Rewards" program to the wallet and will tell you as soon as it is finished:

Above are the detailed instructions on how to participate in the "Gift" program of 3S Wallet. BHO Network hopes that the article will help you to access more easily in the process of joining the program and create unlimited passive income with your own system and 3S Wallet!

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Published on November 16, 2022

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