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BHOPad is a comprehensive Launchpad to support potential blockchain startups with crowdfunding, while providing fair IDO investment opportunities for all investors. Below are detailed instructions to go through the steps to buy IDO on our platform.

Step 1: Visit https://bhopad.io/. Please check the link carefully or get a direct access link from BHO Network’s official channels and website.

Step 2: Connect your wallet. We currently support a variety of popular wallets. In this tutorial, the wallet used is Metamask.

Step 3: Go to the "Projects" section, select the pre-registered project and wait for the purchase portal to open.

Step 4: Approve the trading token

For safety, BHO Pad will require users to Approve BUSD or BHO tokens before purchasing IDO. The approval step will require a small fee to confirm participation. Investors are advised to check the BNB in ​​their wallets to avoid failed transactions.


  • Guaranteed slots are only valid until the end of the countdown for purchase. After that, the unpurchased slots will be transferred to the FCFS community pool.
  • Investors need to stake BHO on BHO Pad before registering to participate in IDO, the amount of Pool Weight will be captured and displayed respectively at the time of registration.

Step 5: Buy IDO on bhopad.io

After confirming with Approve, the system will display a button to buy tokens. Please enter the amount you want according to BHO's allocation on BHO Pad.

Step 6: Claim IDO tokens

IDO tokens will be distributed directly on bhopad.io website. Investors can access and receive tokens directly according to the published schedule.

For detailed information related to IDO projects on BHO Pad, investors can follow BHO Network’s official website or at the Projects section on BHO Pad page: https://bhopad.io/projects

📲 Watch the How to Buy IDO Projects on BHO Pad video on BHO Network's official YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wiXHpU97_tQ

Published on June 07, 2022

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