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Learn about the team of founders and developers at Shopdi project - Next-gen e-commerce platform

  1. About Shopdi
  2. Shopdi's founding and development team
  3. Project advisors
  4. Investors and strategic partners
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In this article, BHO Network will provide you with detailed information about the team that founded and developed the Shopdi project. We hope you will get a lot of useful information about the upcoming potentials of Shopdi.

About Shopdi

Shopdi is a next-gen e-commerce platform applying blockchain and NFT technology. With the goal of bringing users genuine and limited products at the best prices.

Shopdi's business model focuses on community experience and investor benefits, aiming to optimize value for stakeholders. Its two unique Price mechanisms "Hidden Price" and "Unlimited Discount" will bring users great shopping experiences.

With the desire to provide the world's leading trusted e-commerce platform, Shopdi will optimize the benefits of users through the application of blockchain and NFT, thereby providing a transparent, quality trading platform, and a balance of interests between sellers and buyers. With such a potential e-commerce platform business model, Shopdi will have the ability to expand its business throughout Southeast Asia and then globally.

To do all of these, the team of founders, developers and project advisors must have a lot of experience in business, marketing, sales, technology, etc. At the same time, Shopdi also needs large and highly reputable strategic investors and partners in the traditional market, as well as the cryptocurrency market. Let's find out in detail with BHO Network in the next section.

Shopdi's founding and development team

_Do Thi Bich Diep (Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer): Graduated with a Master of Business Administration. With 12 years of experience accumulated in the process of working at large corporations such as Trung Nguyen Group and Korean SPC Group, her best skills are the ability to negotiate, operate, solve problems, deeply understand Vietnamese business law, combined with solid knowledge in accounting, finance, marketing, etc. Currently, she holds the position of CEO of Shopdi.

_Nguyen Hai Linh (Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer): Over 20 years of experience in technology development. Mr. Linh was once the Asia Pacific Robocon Champion in 2004, Top 2 Vietnamese Talents in 2006, and has many other scientific awards. He has worked in the US and Singapore for companies in the Forbes 500, and also held the position of CTO at many companies such as: GoTrust, AI Dynamix, etc., and currently he is the CTO of Shopdi.

_Bui Thi Linh Chi (Marketing Director): She has over 5 years of experience in digital marketing. She has held important roles such as Director of Thang Loi Investment and Advertising Company Limited, Marketing Supervisor of Best Express Vietnam and Deputy Director of Tiki Joint Stock Company. Currently, Ms. Chi Bui is the Marketing Director of Shopdi.

_Dang Vu Quynh Giao (Chief Financial Officer): Nearly 20 years of accounting & finance experience for FDI corporations as well as US medical equipment corporations, Ms. Giao used to work for Johnson & Johnson, Estee Lauder, etc., and currently she is working at Shopdi as CFO.

_Dang Tri Thanh (Project Manager): He is a programmer, used to work in software in many fields such as outsourcing, banking, education, FMCG, and also held the position of IT Director at A Au Vocational Guidance Corporation and Bibica Group. With 16 years of experience in technology development, Mr. Thanh works at Shopdi as Project Manager.

_Nguyen Tuong Vi (Marketing Manager): An honorary speaker at Digital Summit SEA and a Marketing lecturer in the field of F&B, with more than 10 years of experience working in marketing consulting and implementing promotional campaigns for big brands like Hennessy, Thaco, Oppo, etc. She is currently the Marketing Manager of Shopdi.

_Trang Nguyen (Customer Service Manager): Over 9 years of experience in the position of Deputy Director of Employment Service, Customer Service and Consulting. Ms. Trang Nguyen won the title of Excellent Trade Unionist in 2009, got achievements in Negotiation, Consulting Customers to Convert Service Types in 2020, and many other awards. She used to work at VIAGS, FOSCO, etc. Now she works at Shopdi as Customer Service Manager.

_Quach Mai Tram (Legal Manager): Ms. Tram is a member of Dai Viet Law and used to work at Dai Viet Law, PGT Group, Cargo Transport Association. Now, as a lawyer, Ms. Tram works at Shopdi in the role of Legal Manager.

_Pham Cao Sang (Technical Lead): Mr. Sang has been dedicated to data analytics and the technology industry for more than 10 years. As the “headquarters” of every project he is involved in, Mr. Sang has excellent programming skills and knowledge regarding user interface technologies and platforms. Having held the positions of PHP Developer (Recess Lazada Vietnam), Project Manager (Rivercrane Vietnam) and Magento Backend Team Leader (Bluebolt Software), Shopdi believes that Mr. Pham Cao Sang will help the project by developing the best apps and website features in the Technical Lead position.

_Nguyen Thi My Trang (Head of E-Commerce Department): With more than 20 years of working in the retail sector, Ms. Trang is familiar with the business management role. She has held important positions related to supply chain management such as Fashion Merchandiser of Emart Vietnam, Senior Merchandiser of AEON Vietnam and E-commerce Product Manager of Shark Market. Shopdi is proud to have Ms. Nguyen Thi My Trang as Head of E-Commerce Department with the goal of improving customer satisfaction related to products and shopping experience.

_Huynh Le Nhat Quang (Marketing Manager): With more than 6 years of experience in Sales and 5 years in Marketing, along with extensive expertise in psychology and customer insight analysis, optimizing advertising costs reports, data analytics, Mr. Quang has held positions related to Marketing, consulting on business strategy and handling crisis communication. Mr. Quang knows how to train, optimize human resources and spread positive energy when working with employees. In addition, he has extensive knowledge in human resource management, sales, legal, spa, F&B and cryptocurrency. He currently holds the position of Marketing Manager at Shopdi.

We can see that Shopdi has a strong team of founders and developers with rich experiences in many fields of business, marketing, e-commerce business development, information technology, etc.

Project advisors

Besides, Shopdi's Advisors also has a lot of experience and high positions in the field of project development, community development, etc., and has many achievements in technology.

Mr. Tran Bang Viet: Business and operation consultant of the project

  • With more than 20 years of holding senior management positions at large companies in the fields of Information Technology, Transportation, Manufacturing, Marketing and Communication, Mr. Viet has a deep understanding and vision of corporate strategy, business organization and market-product-customer strategy.

  • As a leading consultant on corporate strategy and organizational restructuring in Vietnam, he is the Founder and Chairman of Dong A Solutions, former General Director of Mai Linh Taxi, Deputy General Director of Le & Associates, and Senior Director of TMA Solutions. He is also involved in leading many business associations and leadership development programs.

  • He also regularly participates in research and teaching at a number of universities, as well as serves on the Advisory Boards and Boards of Directors of many companies in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.

Mr. Duong Vi Khoa is a famous figure in the information technology world of Vietnam, and is Marketing consultant of Shopdi.

  • He holds an MCSE (Microsoft Systems Engineer) degree at the age of 19 and is the founder of the Vietnam Informatics Forum (ddth.com), which once had 60,000 members.

  • With more than 20 years of management experience in the computer industry and skills in strategic planning, business development, crisis management, and social media, Mr. Khoa has held many consulting and partners positions of many famous projects and investment funds such as KV Ventures, Bhodus, BHO, DHF, etc.

  • Currently, Mr. Duong Vi Khoa is holding the position of the third term Vice President of VIRESA (2020-2024) and is the co-founder of the social network GAPO.

Mr. Ngo Hoang Dong: Also known as Tony Ngo, he is the founder of Phuong Dong e-commerce joint stock company, and co-founder and CEO of Onebit Ventures - one of Shopdi's major investors.

  • He was also the founder of 25 Second Trading Joint Stock Company.

  • He is the inspiration for the birth of Shopdi.

  • He has 20 years of working in the field of media consulting and many years of experience in the field of cryptocurrency.

  • Mr. Ngo Hoang Dong is currently the Communication and Market Development Advisor for the Shopdi project.

Mr. Scofield (Luong Tuan Anh): Community development consultant of Shopdi project

_He is the founder and CEO of the BSC Station platform.

  • BSC Station is a financial ecosystem that aims to build DEFI Full-Stack and NFT auctions on Binance Smart Chain.

  • The BSC Station platform has been successful in getting fundraising from famous funds, including: Spark Digital Capital, Morningstar Ventures, DFG, AU21, X21, NGC, BSC Pad, Bounce, and Chain Capital.

  • During the period that GameFi flourished (November 2021), the ROI of projects launched on BSC Station Launchpad had an average of more than 10 times the IDO price, which is really impressive and interesting.

  • This proves the success, seriousness and professionalism of the projects from Vietnam, always striving to achieve great resonance in the world crypto market in general and the NFT game market in particular.

_He is also an investor in more than 100 successful startups.

_With experience in Blockchain, NFT auction on Binance Smart Chain, and development of cryptocurrency communities, Mr. Luong Tuan Anh is a reputable advisor for many famous projects.

Investors and strategic partners

Shopdi’s strategic partners and investors are enterprises and investment funds with great position, capital and great reputation.

Shopdi has the cooperation of large enterprises with brands and many years of experience in the fields of trading products and services, e-wallets, express delivery, etc. in the market:

  • The Gioi Di Dong, MoMo e-Wallet, MBBank, FPT, VNPay, Giao Hang Nhanh, Giao Hang Tiet Kiem, etc.

In addition, Shopdi also receives the support of investment funds with great potential in the cryptocurrency market, which are:

  • BD Ventures, KV Ventures, BHO Network, BSC Station, and other investment funds.


Above is all information about Shopdi's founding and development team, as well as advisors, investors and strategic partners. These are people with high positions and many years of experience in the fields of business, marketing, information technology, etc., both in the traditional market and the cryptocurrency market.

With the advantages of a powerful project team, we hope that Shopdi will grow strongly in the future, and at the same time bring consumers and investors a truly useful and valuable experience.

BHO Network is honored to accompany and organize the IDO Promotion for Shopdi on the BHO Pad platform. For IDO Promotion, the Launchpad project and platform will commit to 100% profit and capital insurance for investors. You can learn more about IDO Promotion here.

In addition, for more detailed information related to the Shopdi project, you can follow the official channels of BHO Network, or at the Projects section on the BHO Pad page: https://bhopad.io/projects

Published on October 09, 2022

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