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Outstanding Features and Advantages Of 3S Wallet you may not know

  1. 1. Token network address can be added and categorized with just one touch
  2. 2. Token swaps become more accessible
  3. 3. Smart Security Features
  4. 4. Automatic warnings before suspicious signs
  5. 5. Always interact and support users in a timely manner

Besides the inherent basic features in cryptocurrency wallets, 3S Wallet is a product built on user experience, which has been inspired by industry seniors as MetaMask, Trust Wallet, and learned from these great experiences, thereby being developed and integrated into the most innovative, convenient and complete application for the community.

The following are the several impressive features and advantages in 3S Wallet. Let's explore with BHO Network team!

1. Token network address can be added and categorized with just one touch

This feature enables users to easily supplement tokens which need to be traded and held with just simple action integrated into the wallet. Initially, users will click on the plus sign on the right side of the top of the wallet interface.

Immediately, a popular tokens list will appear. With just one touch on the slider next to the token symbol, users can add new tokens to the watch list on the main interface without any traditional complicated processes like other Web3 wallets. GALA token will be taken as an example.

Noticeably, after being added, 3S Wallet also pre-classifies each type of wallet address in accordance with the network that the token is supported to avoid confusion for new users. As demonstrated, 3S Wallet is designed to arrange GALA according to two main networks, ERC-20 and BEP-20, in a top-down order.

2. Token swaps become more accessible

3S Wallet has been set up in the token swap section, which is suitable for 3 main chains: BNB Chain, Ethereum and Polygon. Users can freely swap and rotate multiple asset classes in a fixed blockchain without any concerns in terms of wrong tokens network name or confusion in finding the right transaction network.

As the below example, when a user selects the BEP-20 network, only tokens being allowed to be traded in the BNB Chain blockchain will appear.

Additionally, 3S Wallet also integrates a cross-chain transaction system, allowing direct token conversion through a wide range of different blockchains - currently including BNB Chain, Ethereum and Polygon. Nevertheless, 3S Wallet is going to plan to expand many new chains.

Ultimately, 3S Wallet will enable users to optimize gas fees, which automatically optimize transaction costs and speed. In addition, users can also manually adjust the gas fee by choosing the gas fee level depending on their needs.

This is also a supportive feature that allows users to transact more conveniently in Web3 cross-chain. Since during the process of transferring of assets, users have to go through a CEX exchange like Binance and then transfer back to the wallet in more complicated steps, or use a dedicated cross-chain dApp to do this. However, there are several risks of high fees and difficulty to use.

3. Smart Security Features

In the Security section, select Auto-lock, users will have 5 options to automatically lock the wallet in a certain time frame (priority the immediate choice to enhance security). This means that if there is no contact with the wallet for a few seconds, the wallet will automatically lock and require the user to enter the pin code to log back into the wallet, which avoids the case of forgetting to turn off the application, being scammed.

Following this, Private Key and Passphrase are managed by users. Passphrase should be carefully recorded, so that in case the wallet password is forgotten, it can be used for recovery. Notably, after 14 days of creating Passphrase, this phrase will disappear from the application, as 3S Wallet completely empowers users, and there is no data collected or controlled by BHO Network.

4. Automatic warnings before suspicious signs

3S Wallet will automatically notify when users search for strange tokens at the token import step. The interface will describe that this token have not included full data on the cryptocurrency index tracking platform CoinMarketcap yet, and mentions the risk of adding tokens to the wallet.

5. Always interact and support users in a timely manner

For Web3 wallet users, including those who are beginners or have been participating for many years, it is inevitable that technical errors will arise in the process of interacting with the crypto wallet product. This deep understanding allows BHO Network Team to effortfully support and receive any feedback, with the aim to deliver the greatest experiences for the community.

Any improvement suggestions or problem reports can be directly sent to BHO Network via these following links:

Besides, 3S Wallet integrated a bug report section on wallet application, allowing users to easily get support from BHO Network.

To use this feature, step 1 is selecting “Report Bug” in “Setting”

Then, 3 options will appear, including “Report a bug”, “Suggest an improvement” for the application, and leave an inquiry to the BHO Network team.

In step 2, users will choose the appropriate options based on their personal demands.

In step 3, users are only required to specifically state the facing problem when using the 3S wallet, take an illustrated screenshot, complete the email and press the send button at the interface’s top right.

Through this article, BHO Network team hopes to convey insightful information about 3S Wallet’s outstanding features and advantages to provide the optimal product with more comprehensive experiences.

Published on June 30, 2022

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