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Overview of FootEarn: Free-to-play soccer game - Part 2

  1. FootEarn is an Esports 3D Multiplayer game
  2. Economy in FootEarn
  3. NFTs
  4. Conclusion/Summary

The FootEarn project is a blockchain game project developed with the goal of bringing the Game element back to GameFi.

Today's play-to-earn games are more about earning than playing, and many play-to-earn games aren't even real "games" has become a controversial topic nowadays. Let's take a look at the gaming aspects of FootEarn, a 3D Esport soccer game project using NFT blockchain technology.

FootEarn is an Esports 3D Multiplayer game

Some people play games for fun, some play games for the challenges, and most people play games for both reasons. Developed by an experienced team in the field of game production, FootEarn with hardcore competition mechanism will ensure two factors at the same time: entertainment and stimulation for players. In addition, Footearn has 3D graphics and easy-to-access gameplay that will help players get more excited and get used to the game faster.

FootEarn is an Esport Multiplayer game, which means players can compete against other players in real matches that require a lot of skill. New players will be given a free squad, and can compete with opponents to receive Box or Gold, but if they lose, players will not lose anything, even stamina.

Players who wish to have a stronger squad can follow these 3 methods:

  • Open NFT Boxes and Packs to get rare players - Players can get Boxes after winning a match or buying at special events. Pack can be purchased by PO. There will be a limited sale of 100,000 newbie packs, once sold out, players will have to use PO to buy players and gold on the marketplace.
  • Use PO to upgrade players’ stats If the upgrade is successful, the player's current stats will increase by a percentage.

Moreover, gamers can also form guilds to join ranks together. There will be more information about the guild mechanism in the future on the official pages of Footearn and BHOPad.

Economy in FootEarn

The economy of the game is based on 3 main units: FEN, PO and Gold. FootEarn is the first game to apply all 3 units to ensure the balance of the game economy, avoid inflation, and always bring benefits to both new and old players.

Players when playing the game will receive Gold. Gold will be exchangeable for PO on the marketplace. PO is an in-game fiat currency and the value will be unchanged. In addition, FEN will be exchanged for PO when needed because players will use many POs to participate in small tournaments and upgrade players.

Players will also receive Gold from playing the game, and Gold is also used for many other features in the game.

Gold and PO each time used for Training and Upgrade will be burned, keeping the supply of 2 currencies from floating too much in the market. FootEarn in future major updates will also upgrade the burning mechanics above.


NFTs in FootEarn will be very diverse. NFT players will be the item everyone is looking for. Players and investors can own NFT players by buying NFT boxes/gachas, or buying directly on the marketplace with FEN. NFT players with higher rarity will have higher stats, and will help strengthen the squad. However, because FootEarn is an Esports game, success or failure still based on skills, NFT rarely helps players to guarantee victory in a match. This is also the interesting point, making the game really a game, with unpredictable surprises like real football matches.

In addition to player NFTs, FootEarn also owns supporting NFTs, such as banners, effects, ... so that players can have a unique and enjoyable experience while playing the game. NFTs can be exchanged, bought and sold on the marketplace. As revealed by the development team, new and unique NFTs will continue to be introduced to create new and attractive appeal for players.

Moreover, if you own a very rare NFT player but do not want to sell it, but still want to make a profit from it, immediately use FootEarn's NFT Staking mechanism. At that time, players or investors can Stake their NFT to earn FEN, without having to sell the item outright.


Above is the preliminary information about the FootEarn project. The game has a harmonious mechanism between playing and earning. Players will not only play for fun, for profit, but also for the attractiveness and competition in the game. Smartly designed, FootEarn will surely create continuous motivation for gamers, pushing the play factor as important as the earn factor balancing the interests of investors and gamers.

FootEarn has many new updates to look forward to in the future. All information will be updated on the official pages of FootEarn so investors and future gamers can follow so as not to miss any news.

At the same time, in the near future, the project will open for IDO on BHOPad - BHO Network's comprehensive and optimized Launchpad. Visit https://bhopad.io/staking to stake BHO today and enjoy an APY of up to 20% and GUARANTEED IDO slots for the FootEarn project!

Published on April 18, 2022

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