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Overview of the Space Marvel project

  1. What is Space Marvel?
  2. Space Marvel's Tokenomics
  3. SVE - the main token of Space Marvel
  4. $SVX - Reward Token
  5. Marketplace
  6. Gameplay
  7. Development team
  8. Backers and partners

Space Marvel is a Time-Based NFT Game project inspired by the Marvel and SpaceX cinematic universes, where players can explore with their teammates, conquer planets and galaxies, and build their own virtual universes.

What is Space Marvel?

Space Marvel is an NFT Time-based game inspired by the Marvel and SpaceX cinematic universe, with an extremely impressive and attractive graphic. Players who experience Space Marvel can form teams to explore and conquer the universe, collect valuable NFT items or characters, and build their own Metaverse universe.

The project was created to surpass the existing limitations of GameFi, which can be mentioned as: poorly designed gameplay, limited in-game interaction, only single-chain support and Uncontrollable inflation.

In this overview, we'll take a deep look into the technical aspects, including Tokenomics, the Marketplace product, and the Development Team with Backer and Space Marvel's partners.

Space Marvel's Tokenomics

To solve the problem of inflation, Space Marvel operates and coordinates the in-game economy through 2 tokens: $SVE - the main token, $SVX - the reward token in the game.

In addition, Space Marvel also owns an additional anti-inflation mechanism: The Wheel of Fortune. Players who win matches will receive rewards or characters with different levels according to a certain percentage carefully calculated to ensure inflation balance.

SVE - the main token of Space Marvel

Space Marvel Token - $SVE will be the main token of Space Marvel, built on the Binance Smart Chain network according to the BEP-20 standard. $SVE is capped at 1,000,000,000 tokens. Players and investors can use $SVE to:

  • Buy in-game items
  • Upgrade items, heroes, buildings, etc.
  • Stake
  • Buy GOD level NFTs, Heroes (characters), Spaceships, Space Stations

Also, with future updates to the game, $SVE will have even more features and use cases.

Token allocation details and $SVE token payment schedule:

It can be seen that 20% of the token supply allocated to the development team and advisors will be completely locked in 1 year, and gradually unlocked over a period of up to 3 years.

Seed and Private investors also have a fairly long total token payment period, 23 months for the Seed round and 17 months for the Private round. This demonstrates a level of long-term commitment from both the development team and the early investors.

$SVX - Reward Token

The $SVX token will be a reward for players when they complete daily tasks, win matches or discover new planets in the Space Marvel universe.

$SVX is also built on Binance Smart Chain according to the BEP-20 standard, with a maximum total supply of 3,000,000,000 tokens.

However, unlike $SVE, 3 billion $SVX tokens will not be generated from the start, but will be generated daily in a certain amount, enough to pay the players. The amount of $SVX tokens generated daily will be adjusted by the Space Marvel team to control inflation in the game.

By joining the game, players have the opportunity to increase their income significantly. Here are some simple ways to earn money while playing the game:

  • Compete and join Arena PvP or Mutil PvP
  • Summon and hybridize heroes. You can create rarer heroes and sell them
  • Discover and participate in daily activities to get $SVE which players then can sell on many exchanges.
  • Mining and trading in-game materials to sell to other players
  • Reward in referral system
  • Sell game items, heroes, gods on the marketplace
  • Auction, rebuild, rent space stations
  • Stake $SVE token.


Space Marvel's NFT Marketplace allows players to easily exchange, buy, and sell NFTs from heroes, spaceships, space stations, to in-game real estate.

NFT items with different features, levels and strengths can all appear on the Marketplace, meeting the diverse needs of players. The NFT Box system and NFT items are extremely diverse with different levels, rarity, and equally diverse features. We'll go into more depth about Space Marvel's collection of NFTs in the next sections.


After getting acquainted with the basic features of the game and preparing on Earth (safe house), players can enter space, fight freely, join alliances to conquer planets and galaxies, and build their own universe. Besides, players can explore, capture and harvest resources on planets. However, moving between galaxies will consume a lot of resources.

In addition, users can travel to parallel universes by building ships that help overcome the rift in spacetime. These parallel universes will be opened in time according to the game's development roadmap.

Crossing the rift in spacetime requires a special spaceship. And to do that, there must be coordination between many players with different positions and skills. During time travel, the player cannot leave the spaceship.

Space Marvel has a lot of game modes to match the needs of every player:

  • PVE mode: Players form their strongest team-comp to fight the bosses in each stage and receive rewards such as Items, Tokens, Star Upgrade Gems, Arena Tickets, etc.
  • PVP mode: Arena PVP will be sorted by seasons, each lasting 1 to 2 weeks. Players who fight in PVE maps will have the opportunity to receive tickets to participate in the Arena. In the Arena, players will fight random opponents of the same level. At the end of the season, the top 10 players with the highest Arena rank will be rewarded with cryptocurrency.
  • Freight mode: Players will bet an amount of tokens before shipping. During transportation, there will be other players trying to steal your cargo. And if you successfully ship within the specified time, you will get double your staked tokens back, otherwise you will lose 20% of those tokens to the player who stole your item
  • Hijack mode: Every player has a chance to participate in Hijack mode daily. As mentioned above, if the hijack is successful, the player will receive 20% of the carrier's staked tokens. Otherwise, the player will lose 5% of the tokens he could have received when he won, and the carrier will receive these tokens instead.
  • Arena (Deathmatch): Players will participate in a 1 VS 5 match. 6 online players will be randomly assigned to 1 arena and fight each other.

Note: All heroes in the player's inventory will be set to 1 star in this mode. Heroes' stars or levels can be upgraded in battle by purchasing the same heroes from the shop.

  • Boss Fight: Every day, BOSS will appear twice in Space Marvel. The player has one free turn per day to deal as much damage as possible to the BOSS. $SVX can be used to buy more turns. After the time is up, the BOSS will disappear. Players will be rewarded according to the damage they have dealt. The more damage you deal, the more tokens you get.

Note: All $SVX used by players to purchase turns will be included in BOSS rewards for redistribution to players.

Development team

Space Marvel is built and developed by a professional team with extensive experience in the field of fintech, game development and digital content management.

The Project's Chief Technology Officer, Mr. Le Viet Thanh is the Co-Founder of VTC Intercom and also the man behind the hit game Audition, and the technical team behind successful products like Volam69, Dong Phuong Bui VTC - Mobile, Hoa Son Luan Kiem, attracts the number of players up to 300 million.

Backers and partners

Space Marvel has received investment from many reputable venture capital funds and large communities in Vietnam: UG Ventures, Raptor Capital, Tradecoin Vietnam, K300 Ventures, Wings Ventures and The Lighthouse Ventures.

In addition, the project also has strategic cooperation with a number of partners inside and outside the blockchain field to accompany on its journey to conquer the crypto space, which can be mentioned as StarPunk, AceStarter and BHO Pad - 3 Launchpad platforms that Space Marvel trusts to launch its IDO public sale round.

In particular, for investors, participating in BHO Pad, just need to stake a minimum of 50,000 BHO on the platform and they will firmly hold the IDO investment ticket without relying on luck, and enjoy an APY of up to 20%.

Published on April 24, 2022

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