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Pillar Principles When Developing 3S Wallet

  1. Continuous product improvement
  2. Suitable with market conditions
  3. Meet the changing needs of users
  4. Offers a wide range of extensible solutions
  5. Spread the energy for the brand
  6. Capture the interest of new users
  7. User-centric development
  8. Enhance the level of interaction between 3S Wallet and users
  9. Promote many new ideas
  10. Prioritize a positive user experience
  11. Transparency and responsibility with products
  12. Win-win policy
  13. Strengthen positive relationships
  14. Future business opportunity
  15. Forming stronger common interests
  16. Solve challenges creatively
  17. Summary

To scale and provide users with the most efficient user experience in the Web3, 3S Wallet must be designed with rigorous standards in mind. Through this article, BHO Network team will convey in detail to users the key principles in the development of 3S Wallet.

To start the experience, please download the “3S Wallet” app. The app with the squirrel icon can be searched and downloaded at App Store or CH Play. Or, download by scanning the QR code below.

Download 3S Wallet according to the following instructions:

Continuous product improvement

BHO Network team always has the mindset that no product is the best. We understand that the needs of customers will constantly change day by day with the development of technology and society, especially in the blockchain space, the transformation is even faster.

Therefore, we must actively strive to do better in every way. Therefore, improving continuously is the first and most important core principle that the BHO Network team chose in the process of building 3S Wallet.

Suitable with market conditions

One of the main motivations for BHO Network team to always improve 3S Wallet is to maintain competitive products and services that are equal to or superior to our competitors in certain areas. This is a matter of life and death in the crypto world, where elimination is often based on users' comparisons of features between applications to make a choice.

Meet the changing needs of users

Over time, customer behavior will change and potential new segments will emerge. In some cases, when providing a standard, stable and unimproved product, it will be difficult to keep up with user demand. Therefore, the fact that 3S Wallet aims to enhance many features in the future and maintain the existing benefits of the product will solve this problem.

Offers a wide range of extensible solutions

By improving 3S Wallet over time, we are essentially adding more diversity to the BHO Network ecosystem. For the evolving nature of the cryptocurrency market, diversity is seen as a key that opens the door for users to prioritize access to the product as well as a bridge to bring the project closer to the goal of acceptance and application in the real world.

Spread the energy for the brand

The process of 3S Wallet being regularly updated will motivate the brand and related products in the BHO Network ecosystem to grow strongly. This action will create a common perception in the crypto market between users and investors that BHO Network is always innovating, thereby strengthening the trust of the project significantly, creating a launching pad for the success of new products planned to be launched in the future.

Capture the interest of new users

It is possible that the current version of 3S Wallet is not attractive to some users for certain reasons. Understanding the above situation, BHO Network team has set themselves a challenge and will be determined to convince a larger number of users through constantly improving products to fully meet their needs.

User-centric development

The BHO Network team combines qualitative information (interviews, research) and quantitative information (surveys, data) to most accurately understand user behavior and needs. By truly empathizing with users, we want 3S Wallet's activities to really create useful and meaningful value for them.

Enhance the level of interaction between 3S Wallet and users

One of the biggest reasons why 3S Wallet is user-friendly is that it allows the development team to maximize user interaction. We've spent time and effort determining how likely users are to use 3S Wallet. As a result, we can tailor our products to better satisfy our customers, helping them get the most out of what 3S Wallet has to offer.

Promote many new ideas

With so many different needs and wants in the crypto market, adopting a user-centric mindset will help BHO Network team come up with more ideas to satisfy users. At the same time, the user's suggestions are recorded by BHO Network team and deployed to build on 3S Wallet as well as pave the way for new products later developed by us in a better way.

Prioritize a positive user experience

Positive user experience is very important with 3S Wallet. Because this factor helps us rethink and improve our own brand in a better way. Therefore, 3S Wallet is not a product of BHO Network but a product of the community.

Transparency and responsibility with products

We recognize that a shortcoming of many crypto projects today is the disconnect between the project's product and the community. This inadvertently leads to users' misunderstandings about that project, causing their trust to be shaken. In order to remove this barrier, 3S Wallet will completely empower users through receiving suggestions and comments to build products, always trying to support, listen and solve problems from users. use it as quickly as possible.

Win-win policy

BHO Network team always believes that sustainability does not come from working for short-term benefits. We always balance the interests of stakeholders to build a long-term, strategic partnership. We do not take any action to bring profit to 3S Wallet that harms the interests of users, partners, suppliers, personnel, government agencies, environment and society.

Strengthen positive relationships

With a comprehensive win-win policy, BHO Network will promote 3S Wallet to become a healthier, more efficient and respected product not only in the vicinity but also in the international market. Not only that, we also minimize conflicts related to the 3S Wallet construction process, improve the morale of product developers and company employees to bring the best quality for 3S Wallet to users.

Future business opportunity

When BHO Network always holds the position of agreement with good faith, it will certainly create more business opportunities and expand relationships with newer partners not only for 3S Wallet but also for other products in the future.

Forming stronger common interests

The win-win policy allows BHO Network to focus on common interests rather than individual interests. This will make it easier for 3S Wallet in particular and BHO Network in general to establish trust with users, partners and legal authorities to move towards the long-term goal of applying blockchain technology to practice.

Solve challenges creatively

In the process of negotiating a significant partnership, the diversity of ideas and perspectives proposed by both parties can lead to conflict. However, only when there is openness and balance of mutual interests, BHO Network can strengthen the trust of partners and come up with solutions and new methods of operation to successfully convince them.


While there isn't any single way to create great products, with the consistent core principles built into 3S Wallet, BHO Network team hopes that we can help users have an overview and a deeper understanding of the product's development path.

If during your product experience, you have any other questions or concerns regarding the wallet features, or you want direct support, you can contact our Support Team at https://support.bho.network/


Published on July 06, 2022

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