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Product-building principles of BHO Network’s CEO

  1. Think big, act simple, see long term
  2. Sell what you have, know what consumers need
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BHO Network is always proud to have a team full of passion and talent who share the same vision. And to unleash the full potential of the team and develop the products effectively, there needs to be a strict set of foundational principles behind every product.

Until now, BHO Network has continuously launched and updated 2 technology products, BHO Pad and 3S Wallet - essential pieces of the BHO Network ecosystem in the future. And BHO Network will also constantly strive to build, perfect and expand this ecosystem. Sharing about the process of building products as well as the motivation for success of BHO Network, Mr. Nhat Phan - Co-founder and CEO of the project, shared: “Just as concrete must have reinforcement, product-building should be based on solid principles, to be able to create a resonance of values".

“The principles of building products from BHO Network are drawn from the experience of both creators and customers, and are the guideline for the success of BHO Network and its products in the future. For products, the principle is: Think big, act simple, see long-term. For customers, that is: Sell what you have, know what consumers need.” In this article, let's go through each one to better understand these principles of BHO Network.

Think big, act simple, see long term

At BHO Network, we believe that nothing is impossible, and blockchain technology opens up even more opportunities and possibilities for the modern world. So, thinking big is a practical way to realize this vision and utilize the potential of blockchain.

Products of BHO Network are always created with great goals, in line with long-term vision to be able to match the constantly changing and evolving needs of the world. BHO has always wanted to create technological products that fit the needs of every user, make blockchain technology more accessible, and accelerate its speed and adoption around the world.

And BHO Network aims to achieve its goal by the method of “act simple.” Act simple does not mean being sketchy, but rather concise in the process, minimalist in design and optimized in productivity. Thanks to this philosophy, we can always see the "simple" factor in BHO Network's products, making the product accessible to all users in the easiest way. "That's the value of simplicity" - Mr. Nhat Phan shared.

Sell what you have, know what consumers need

This is the philosophy of building BHO Network's products for customers. Products already delivered to customers will still constantly evolve to get even more features, more services, to "have" more, and "sell" more. In addition, this is also the principle of the company's honesty, committed to always fulfill all promises made, build trust value and ensure transparency to customers.

Not only that, BHO always strives constantly to meet the inevitable needs of customers. Every product created and designed will be drawn from experience as a customer, to be able to meet the needs and desires of users to the fullest. BHO Network will not stop learning and listening, to be able to develop what we have in accordance with what customers need!


The product building principles of BHO Network, as shared by CEO Nhat Phan, show the passion that he and his team put into every technology product or service the company provides. He believes that, with a team that is already extremely passionate and united, having a strict and solid set of backbone principles will help BHO Network's products reach further and definitely progress to reach their goals. In this “winter” of the market, the above set of principles is also a guideline to help BHO Network continue to build and create value, accompanying investors and users across all situations.

Published on July 19, 2022

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