3S Wallet

  • 3S Wallet is a financial tool supporting individuals or organizations to hold assets, spend, and receive cryptocurrencies. Being aware of difficulties incurred when using digital wallets on the market, BHO Wallet offers solutions to optimize users' experience by developing superior features such as: personalization, security warning, simple interface. Hence, 3S Wallet promises to bring a completely different experience, while meeting users' needs and solving complications for more than 70 million investors in the market.

  • BHO Wallet is one of the key products to complete the ecosystem of BHO Network with the goal of supporting easy and safe transactions, as well as generating more financial opportunities for the BHO Network investor community, and the crypto em in general.

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  • BHO Pad is a platform to support blockchain projects in building their own community, thereby helping them to raise capital. BHO Pad is a comprehensive solution for blockchain projects in raising capital, providing high-tech human resources, and consulting on marketing strategies.

  • BHO Pad was developed based on BHO Network's own successful fundraising experience, with 03 rounds of IMO (Public Sale) sales reaching more than 1 million USD in less than 40 minutes, especially the 3rd IMO round sold out in just over 30 seconds.

  • In addition, BHO Network has an expansive network of media & social networking communities in more than 20 countries and territories and more than 10,000 media partners that include news sites, communities, and KOLs.

  • With more than 100,000 members of the BHO Network community and the monthly website traffic of over 500,000 times, BHO Pad can be the door to help blockchain projects come closer to the community, thereby accessing and interacting with potential investors more easily.\ BHO Pad is one of the core products in the BHO Network ecosystem, aiming to support and accompany Vietnamese blockchain start-ups.

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BHO Chain (BHC20)

  • A sovereign chain based on the Substrate architecture, an established blockchain platform in terms of resilience, performance, and security. BHO Chain employs the Nominated Proof-of-Stake (NPoS) system rather than the traditional Proof-of-Work (PoW) approach, resulting in a performant, green, and energy-efficient consensus mechanism. The BHO Chain is entirely open source, developers easy to build products & dapps on network.



  • BHO DEX is a decentralized exchange that enables online peer-to-peer cryptocurrency transactions.

  • BHO DEX enables projects to generate their own tokens on multiple chains, which facilitates trade and eliminates the need for multiple DEX, which results in increased risk in management.

  • With BHO DEX, end users may simply swap their tokens across several networks at a lower cost than with other DEX.

  • BHO DEX is a strategic product that leverages the high speed and cheap gas fee of BHO Network to accelerate the growth of users and dApps projects inside the BHO Network ecosystem.


BHO NFT Marketplace

  • BHO NFT Marketplace is a digital commercial platform connecting buyers and sellers to provide optimal services and experiences for users when trading NFT and GameFi products.

  • With the priorities of safety and ease of use, NFT Marketplace will provide a solution to help the exchange and purchase process be transparent and fast with NFT authentication tools while helping sellers to easily setup customisable stores. NFT Marketplace is the ideal platform to connect NFT and GameFi users with a community of creators, designers, and collectors of digital art publications.

  • NFT Marketplace is one of the four key products of BHO Network in its development roadmap in 2022, creating the premise for transparent and convenient trading and buying based on blockchain technology.