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Refund policy on BHO Pad - Committed to protecting investors' interests

At BHO Pad, we put investors' interests first. Therefore, we will apply a Refund policy to ensure safety and minimize risks for investors.

All investments of investors will be refunded by BHO Pad as soon as it is detected that the project shows signs of non-transparency, violates the original terms and commitments, affects the reputation of BHO Pad, and at the same time harms the interests of investors. The Refund policy of BHO Pad is specified as follows:

Within 24 hours after listing, the company will complete the transfer of the capital raised on BHO Pad to the project. At the same time, if BHO Pad detects any non-transparency and any behavior from the project that harms users and investors, we have the right to proactively make the decision and will refund the entire amount raised from the project's IDO sale to users. Harmful practices are mentioned in BHO Pad policy (but are not limited to), including:

  1. Rug Pull - A form of scam in the cryptocurrency market, where the team suddenly abandons the project, sells or removes all liquidity.
  2. Liquidity lock or low liquidity pump: Affects trading volume.
  3. High slippage rate.
  4. Failed to meet the listing schedule and TGE time as committed.

If investors discover that a project has any signs of non-transparency or directly harms their interests, please contact BHO Network's team so that we can take appropriate measures. We are committed to handling as fair and transparent as possible.

With our Refund policy, investors can completely trust and feel secure to invest in any potential projects on BHO Pad. At BHO Pad, “Prestige is the most valuable asset and investors' interests are the top priority!”.

Published on June 06, 2022

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