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  1. What is Shopdi?
  2. SHOD token - the central value of the Shopdi ecosystem
  3. General information
  4. SHOD allocation
  5. SHOD token distribution ratio details
  6. Project development team
  7. Investors and partners
  8. Roadmap
  9. Conclusion

Shopdi is an e-commerce platform applying Blockchain and NFT technology with the goal of becoming "the world's leading trusted e-commerce platform". Our development team believes that Blockchain technology is the perfect piece to help Shopdi achieve this vision. The project will officially launch the IDO Promotion round on BHO Pad in the near future.

What is Shopdi?

Shopdi is an e-commerce platform applying Blockchain and NFT technology, dedicated to genuine products and limited edition special products, where buyers can decide the selling price using the Hidden Price and Unlimited Discounts mechanisms. With blockchain and crypto technology, Shopdi achieves absolute transparency of transaction and product information, helping to optimize user experience while creating a healthy and safe intermediary community for buyers.

Through Blockchain technology, customers in the e-commerce platforms can make online payments quickly and transparently for promotions, providing a convenient and excellent buying experience.

The threat of Cybersecurity will be perfectly solved by Blockchain technology, because this technology provides an extremely high level of security for e-commerce database management systems.

Blockchain also offers many opportunities for cross-border online transactions through a “peer-to-peer” system. This will help sellers reach more shoppers.

While bringing benefits to both sellers and buyers, Shopdi e-commerce platform combining with technology will open a new revolutionary shopping trend.

SHOD token - the central value of the Shopdi ecosystem

General information

  • Publisher: Shopdi
  • Token sign: SHOD
  • Blockchain: Kaidex
  • Token standard: ERC-10
  • Contract address: (đang cập nhật)
  • Token type: Governance
  • Total supply: 500,000,000 SHOD
  • Total circulation: 500,000,000

SHOD allocation

  • Seed: 1,55%
  • Private: 9%
  • Public: 0,15%
  • Incentive: 35,8%
  • Liquidity: 8,5%
  • Ecosystem: 15%
  • Founder & Team: 20%
  • Advisor: 5%
  • Marketing & Partnership: 5%

SHOD token - is the main token of the exchange, and the center of value that Shopdi's ecosystem revolves around. $SHOD will be an ERC-10 token built on the Kaidex blockchain platform, with a total supply of 500,000,000 tokens and capped at this number, meaning there will be only 500 million unique $SHOD tokens and cannot be further printed in any way, giving $SHOD a natural deflationary model.

SHOD token distribution ratio details

According to the distribution schedule provided by the project, the number of tokens open for sale for Seed and Private rounds accounts for a very small proportion: 1.55% of the total supply for Seed and 9% for Private. In which, both will have to comply with the schedule of locking and unlocking tokens gradually within 24 months. Only 0.15% of the total supply will be open for sale at the Public sale, and 100% of the tokens will be unlocked at the time of TGE. Therefore, investors in the Public Sale round may not have to bear much selling pressure from the Seed and Private round investment funds.

In addition, 20% of the total supply reserved for the development team will also be locked for 1 year, then unlocked gradually 2.5% per month. Total lockup and token amortization period is up to 52 months, demonstrating the team's clear commitment to the project!

Investors and users can use the $SHOD token with many different applications such as:

  • Shop during open sale prices on Shopdi e-commerce platform
  • Payment for NFT products
  • Lending
  • Governance and voting rights for decisions on the platform with DAO mechanism

Project development team

Shopdi management and development team are outstanding individuals with years of experience in the field of e-commerce. Ms. Do Bich Diep, Co-founder and CEO of Shopdi, holds a Master of Business Administration, has multidisciplinary knowledge and extensive experience in business administration and e-commerce. The technology leader of the project - Mr. Nguyen Hai Linh, co-founder and CTO - was the Asia Pacific Robocon Champion in 2004, Top 2 Vietnamese Talents in 2006, as well as many other scientific awards. He has worked in the US and Singapore for companies on the Forbes 500 list, and held the position of CTO of many companies such as: GoTrust, AI Dynamix...

Shopdi executive team

In addition, the project's advisory council also comprises of outstanding individuals, leading experts in finance, e-commerce, technology in general, and blockchain technology in particular:

Advisory Council of the Shopdi project

Investors and partners

After an impressive pitch at the Vietnam Startup Day 2022 program (an annual event gathering more than 150 startups, 15,000 visitors, more than 500 domestic and foreign startup support organizations), Shopdi has attracted many prominent investors and large investment funds, such as Onebit Ventures and KV Ventures.

Investors of the Shopdi project, including investment funds and cryptocurrency exchanges.

In order to build a sustainable ecosystem and facilitate the development of the e-commerce platform, Shopdi has possessed a large and extremely diverse network of partners, including electronic payment gateways, large chain stores, banks, and blockchain projects. Shopdi's partner system will continue to be expanded in the future and will make an important contribution to the development of the exchange.

Shopdi's diverse network of partners


The project will have its upcoming IDO on BHO Pad, BHO Network's comprehensive Launchpad Multichain, which is also the first tick in Shopdi's Q4 2022 schedule. Along with the IDO event, many major Shopdi events will also take place in the fourth quarter of this year, including the $SHOD token public listing event, the launch of the Shopdi Wallet, and its NFT Collection.

Many products, features and major events of Shopdi are also being cherished by the project, marked on the Roadmap and welcome all investors and consumers with the same expectation.

Shopdi's Roadmap


Along with the growth in size, cash flow, as well as practical applications of crypto and blockchain, the e-commerce market also achieves steady annual growth and confirms the inevitability in terms of trends and its superiority compared to the traditional avenues. Therefore, the combination from Shopdi will really bring a new application for blockchain, and will open the door of new development for the field of e-commerce.

Shopdi is the next project to cooperate and deploy IDO on BHO Pad - Launchpad Multichain with Guarantee Allocation mechanism - through which investors only need to Stake at least 50,000 BHO to be able to grasp 100% of the opportunity to buy IDO. At the same time, BHO Pad also provides specialized marketing services for top rated blockchain projects in the market. More specifically, Shopdi will be the first project to implement IDO Promotion on BHO Pad! With the IDO Promotion mechanism, investors will be guaranteed 100% of capital by the project and Launchpad platform!

Therefore, investors can start learning more about Shopdi and the potential of the exchange and Stake BHO today on BHO Pad to be able to invest in the project in the IDO round, and at the same time receive APY up to 20%!

More information about the Shopdi project on: https://shopdi.io/

Published on October 07, 2022

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