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Understanding the Staking Mechanism, Pool Weight and APY on BHOPad

In order for investors to have a comprehensive and clear view of how BHOPad works, in this article, let's find out: What is BHOPad's IDO mechanism? What is the Pool weight structure on BHOPad? And why should you stake BHO on BHOPad?

BHOPad employs the Guaranteed Allocation IDO mechanism for users, where if a user meets the condition of staking at least 50,000 BHO tokens or more, that user will be 100% guaranteed to participate in IDO.

The main concern is how many tickets participants can get. The more BHO token investors stake on different levels, the more tickets they will receive to participate in IDO. BHOPad classifies these levels into 6 tiers, where the lowest stake amount is 50,000 BHO and the highest amount is 5,000,000 BHO.

Pool weight is the IDO’s allocation ratio on Launchpad. Each staking level receives a certain allocation based on the pool weight. Specifically, according to the distribution structure in BHOPad, the pool weights of Venus, Earth, Uranus, Neptune, Saturn and Jupiter are 1, 5, 18, 36, 80 and 220 respectively.

LevelBHO StakingPool WeightStaking WalletsTotal

For each unit of pool weight, allocation, or corresponding allocation amount, will be calculated by the formula: Total funds raised in the round / Total weight of wallets in the fundraising round.

Take a total mobilized capital of $114,000 for example.

The number of wallets corresponding to the levels are: 1500 Venus wallets, 500 Earth wallets, 100 Uranus wallets, 50 Neptune wallets, 20 Saturn wallets and 10 Jupiter wallets.

The total pool weight will be: 1500x1 + 500x5 + 100x18 + 50x36 + 20x80 + 10x220 = 11,400.

Each pool weight unit can purchase IDO for the amount of: $114,000/11,400 pool weight = $10. Therefore, each Venus wallet can buy $10, each Earth wallet can buy $50, etc., and similarly each Jupiter wallet can buy $2200. In other words, the higher the investor's staking level, the more IDOs they can buy.

Staking on BHOPad has a similar mechanism as Earn on Binance, a flexible crypto savings solution. BHOPad is currently applying 4 staking packages with 4 flexible terms, the shortest being 14 days, and the longest 180 days. Investors after staking for the full term of the package can access BHOPad to receive both principal and interest.

APY is the Annual Percentage Yield. Currently, among 4 staking packages provided by BHOPad, investors who stake for 180 days will receive the highest APY. In particular, BHOPad's 180-day staking package with 20% APY is even more attractive than the ongoing Staking 2.0 program, with only 15% APY.

Published on April 01, 2022

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