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  1. Crypto wallets overview
  2. Introduction to crypto wallets
  3. How to use crypto wallets
  4. About 3S Wallet
  5. Criteria for choosing a crypto wallet
  6. Reputation
  7. Security
  8. Backup system
  9. Compatibility
  10. User experience
  11. Summary

The crypto market is growing with a variety of blockchain networks and digital assets. Choosing a reliable and safe crypto wallet is very important in accessing and participating in the crypto market. 3S Wallet is one of the best wallets that fully covers the best crypto wallet criteria for you. For more details on the criteria for choosing the best crypto wallet, let's find out with BHO Network through the article below.

Crypto wallets overview

Introduction to crypto wallets

A crypto wallet is basically a tool that helps you store and manage your crypto assets.

However, a crypto wallet will not contain actual cryptocurrency like a physical wallet that holds your cash or credit/debit cards. In contrast, a crypto wallet will hold the private keys of the cryptocurrency, which exist on the blockchain network. In a nutshell, you can think of a cryptocurrency wallet as a key holder to your cryptocurrencies locked in blockchain networks.

How to use crypto wallets

Crypto wallets provide storage for public and private keys. When funds are deposited into the wallet's public key, it appears on the blockchain as a ledger of all transactions for the relevant cryptocurrency. You can then use the private key to access your cryptocurrencies.

About 3S Wallet

BHO Network is currently providing a crypto wallet 3S Wallet that fully ensures the above 5 criteria for you. Here are a few outstanding features of 3S Wallet:

  • 3S Wallet - A multi-chain-enabled non-custodial crypto wallet that provides secure and convenient storage and management of crypto assets in accordance with Web3 standards. Store more than 3000 different coins/tokens. Allows trading, storing and managing coin/token assets on multiple blockchain networks such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Fantom, Avalanche, Optimistic, Arbitrum, Cronos, Solana, BHO Chain, etc.

  • 3S Wallet is oriented to be a simple, secure and safe Defi wallet product. With a one-touch interface, 3S Wallet's simple operation gestures make it easy for new users.

  • Currently 3S Wallet is available on the app stores of the two most popular operating systems, Android and iOS. You can download and experience 3S Wallet here.

As the popularity of cryptocurrencies continues to reach new heights, the search and selection of crypto wallets is increasing. On the other hand, you need to be cautious before choosing a crypto wallet to work with crypto. 3S Wallet is one of the products of BHO Network’s ecosystem. Currently, 3S Wallet fully satisfies the criteria to be your go-to crypto wallet. Here are a few important criteria to help you choose a crypto wallet.

Criteria for choosing a crypto wallet

As the popularity of cryptocurrencies continues to reach new heights, the search and selection of crypto wallets is increasing. On the other hand, you need to be cautious before choosing any random crypto wallet to work with crypto. Here is some info to keep in mind before choosing a crypto wallet.


The first and best criterion for any beginner when choosing a crypto wallet is to look for reputable crypto wallet brands in the market. Popular crypto wallets can be easily found by searching mobile app stores.

A notable indicator that can represent a crypto wallet's reputation includes testimonials, international recognition, certifications, and appreciation for the company that created the crypto wallet. You will be able to find the best crypto wallet after comprehensive research on the founders, wallet developers.

  • Check the founders' credentials and their achievements in the crypto space to verify the reliability of the wallet.
  • Additionally, you should also check for any past wallet breaches.
  • At the same time, it is important to check how the company has addressed the breaches and solved the problems for its crypto wallet.


When you are choosing a crypto wallet, you should have the ultimate guarantee of the security of your assets. In fact, the security of your assets should be the main goal when choosing a crypto wallet.

No one wants to invest their time and effort in learning “How to get a crypto wallet” only to lose their hard earned money. Therefore, you must choose a crypto wallet that provides you with a guarantee of safety against hackers.

Most importantly, you need reliable proof that the wallet you intend to use has not been hit by malicious attacks. How can you find the most secure crypto wallet that satisfies your requirements?

Almost all mobile wallet applications have reviews and ratings. You can refer to that evaluation information to decide on a safe e-wallet. whole. Prioritize wallets with a high rating (4.5 stars or more) and positive feedback.

Backup system

You should note that the data in a crypto wallet is very important. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure appropriate safeguards for the data in the wallet. In addition, cryptocurrency owners should also be aware of the possibility of losing all wallet data due to user error.

So, you should choose a crypto wallet with a reliable and efficient backup system. The backup system will be very useful for recovery, especially when you accidentally lose your wallet data or damage the device.

Most importantly, you should make sure that the backup process of your crypto wallet is simple. Make sure that the backup function is easily accessible along with the provision of password, passphrase and backup link.


The most obvious characteristic of a good crypto wallet is its compatibility with different devices. For example, you need a wallet that is equally effective across different operating systems like Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android.

Also, the compatibility concern in choosing the best crypto wallet is not limited only to the supported platforms. You will also have to learn about compatibility with different cryptocurrencies while looking for a crypto wallet.

Before choosing a crypto wallet, you should know the cryptocurrencies that the wallet supports. In addition to support for multiple cryptocurrencies, a crypto wallet needs to ensure that the wallet provides support for new digital currencies while also being able to integrate with various blockchain networks (commonly known as multi-chain wallet).

When you find a crypto wallet that works on multiple platforms with support for multiple cryptocurrencies, you will have less problems accessing crypto.

User experience

Last but not least, choosing a crypto wallet will directly focus on user experience. If you are not comfortable in understanding the functions of a crypto wallet and using it, then you cannot make the best use of it.

You need to consider users' views on crypto wallets before choosing them. For example, simple or complex operation steps, one-touch or multi-touch interface, etc..

  • Look for user reviews about their experience using a crypto wallet and look through the wallet's specifications.
  • Check out the look and feel of the crypto wallet and the screen size.
  • Make sure that the crypto wallet offers a clean and organized interface that you can navigate easily.
  • In addition to easy navigation, the crypto wallet will provide easier integration with various financial and crypto platforms.


Above are the criteria in choosing a wallet for newcomers that BHO Network wants to provide to you. Reputation, security, and easy user experience are important factors to any cryptocurrency user. Therefore, 3S Wallet is a perfectly suitable choice to store and manage your valuable crypto assets.

Published on November 02, 2022

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