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Why you should use and share 3S Wallet

Recently, 3S Wallet has officially launched the "Rewards" program. In addition to making transactions and storing your assets on the wallet, you can also generate additional passive income from sharing and referring the 3S Wallet app to your friends. Build your own system, get unlimited rewards with 3S Wallet's Rewards program!

Learn more about the program here

Some reasons for using and sharing 3S Wallet to generate extra income:

  • 3S Wallet is a strategic product in the BHO Network ecosystem. Therefore, the product is developed and moderated very thoroughly. The interface of 3S Wallet is optimized to be the simplest and easiest to use for newbies. So you can confidently share the application for friends and relatives to use.

  • 3S Wallet has full functions for storing, buying and selling coins/tokens on various blockchain networks such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Fantom, Avalanche, Optimistic, Arbitrum, Cronos, Solana, Polkadot, BHO Chain, etc. Instead of buying and selling coins/tokens on centralized exchanges and then sending them to a cryptocurrency wallet for storage, you can do all of the above with 3S Wallet. The demand for buying, selling, exchanging and storing coins / tokens is increasing daily, especially when the market signal is good, the transaction volume will increase significantly. Then, your reward will increase thanks to the trading volume of the people you have referred.

  • In addition, the perks of 3S Wallet's "Rewards" program are flexible, and you can build your own system with up to 4 levels to receive indirect rewards from the people you have referred the app to, when they keep building the system under you. This is the motivation for everyone to support each other in the spirit of win-win and create unlimited passive income with 3S Wallet.

Suggestions on ways to share 3S Wallet app

To share the 3S Wallet application to more people, you can refer to a few ways below:

  1. The simplest way is to introduce and guide your friends, relatives, or groups of friends who are interested in and love the crypto market.

  2. Build your own personal branding on many social platforms today revolving around the topic of crypto, and insert 3S Wallet referral link in the description.

  3. If you have a website, you can place a banner on the website that leads to your 3S Wallet referral link, or you can rent a banner on crypto websites.

  4. Build a series of articles with keywords focusing on instructions on how to use and potential benefits of 3S Wallet on your Website, Facebook, Fanpage, Twitter, etc.

  5. Make videos on Tiktok, Youtube to share separately about the Crypto market, each video has a ref link about 3S Wallet. Contents can be general analysis of the market situation or specialized in coin/token trading.

⚡️ In addition, if you already have a website, blog, social media account or podcast with a large and regular traffic, 3S Wallet is willing to work with you to help you increase your income as a partner and have more benefits. Please fill out the form here.

Above are a few suggestions on how to create passive income with 3S Wallet that BHO Network wants to provide to you. Hopefully, through the article, you will understand the potential to generate income from 3S Wallet, as well as how to build your own system. From there, you can completely create an unlimited income system with 3S Wallet.

🎁 Invite your friends to use 3S Wallet - Get passive income with your own system up to $20 for every successful referral. Join 3S Wallet's Rewards program today HERE!

Published on November 27, 2022

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