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The world is still making continuous efforts to improve and overcome the ongoing environmental disasters caused by the rapid industrial and technological development. Many blockchain projects have inherited this ideal and created many new initiatives to help protect the environment. In this article, let's take a look with BHO Network at 5 blockchain projects focusing on environmental and climate protection solutions.

C+Charge (CCHG)

C+Charge is a cryptocurrency project that promotes the transition from fossil fuels to electric vehicles (EVs) by providing rewards and making EV driving more convenient.

C+Charge will incentivize electric vehicle ownership by offering drivers carbon credits as a reward while they charge their vehicles.

A carbon credit is a permit that allows owners to offset their carbon footprint by funding green projects, with one credit equivalent to one ton of CO2.

C+Charge will provide driver credit in the form of Goodness Nature Tokens (GNT) after the main partnership with Flowcarbon – the GNT is backed 1:1 by verified carbon renewable projects and Flowcarbon - the project has just completed a $70 million investment round that has attracted major VC firms like Samsung Next and a16z.

The project will also democratize ownership of carbon credits, which has traditionally been largely in the hands of big businesses. For example, Tesla makes billions of dollars a year selling carbon credits to other companies with much larger carbon emissions.

Regen Network

The Regen Network infrastructure creates digital carbon assets in the Interchain economy. Regen Network creates tools to help reverse climate change with digital carbon and regenerate ecosystems.

The Regen Network blockchain marketplace creates a new contract platform for farmers to monetize their ecological data while also receiving rewards for sustainable practices.

By enhancing the understanding of the state of lands, oceans, and watersheds, while enabling rewards for positive change, the Regen Network catalyzes the regeneration of our ecosystems.

The Corals

The Corals is an Australian digital art project featuring unique reef NFTs. These colorful and lifelike corals will be your window into the Great Barrier Reef, but they are capable of so much more.

The first aim is to raise awareness of the danger to the Great Barrier Reef and raise funds to support the preservation and conservation of the reef. The project wants to raise one million dollars for organizations that are actively researching, restoring and protecting the reef.


Rewilder is a non-profit crypto project that coordinates the purchase of land globally for wildlife conservation. Accordingly, benefactors can track their donations using NFTs.

After a recently established fund buys land, the foundation will most likely distribute the assets proportionally to the total amount contributed. Each NFT will be updated after land purchase to contain information about a specific parcel of land within the total purchased land.

Nature +

Nature+ is an innovative platform that combines science-based soil regeneration with cutting-edge Web 3.0 technology to produce large-scale and tangibly impactful investment results.

The company has created a dual yield business model that rewards environmental impact in addition to financial benefits: by investing in stablecoin NUSD, backed by natural capital, DEFI protocols, and liquidity, investors can earn both revenue streams from this sustainable ecosystem – with a portion of their profits being put back into buying more green assets and minting more tokens to generate profits!

Those are 5 typical green blockchain projects with extremely creative solutions to create positive improvements to the climate and the environment. Investors who want to participate with a small amount of capital, or simply want to "test" and contribute to the efforts to improve the environment of the above projects, can use 3S Wallet - BHO Network's Web3 Multichain wallet to connect with the platform and store tokens or NFTs easily.

Published on January 15, 2023

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