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  1. Clarity in regulations
  2. Integrate the two markets and cooperate more deeply
  3. Create a competitive environment and promote technology development
  4. Stablecoin - from a research perspective
  5. New era, new price line

In recent years, the blockchain and cryptocurrency sector has seen significant growth and innovation. In particular, Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) is one of the important factors creating a strong driving force for change in the entire market landscape. These cryptocurrencies, issued and regulated by central banks, have the potential to completely transform traditional financial systems and significantly influence the current market. In this article, we will delve into the ways in which CBDCs can impact the cryptocurrency market.

Clarity in regulations

With the emergence of CBDC, regulations and laws applicable to the crypto market are expected to become much clearer. The government - with CBDC, is establishing preparatory steps to propose comprehensive frameworks for the issuance and operation of future cryptocurrencies. This clarity can instill more confidence in investors, helping to attract more investors to participate, increasing liquidity in the cryptocurrency market.

Integrate the two markets and cooperate more deeply

CBDCs hold the potential to create a new level of integration between traditional financial systems and cryptocurrencies. As central banks research blockchain technology, they can develop protocols that enable seamless transactions between CBDCs and popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Integrating the two markets can help develop the greatest advantages of both: the abundant liquidity of the traditional market and the transparency and decentralization of the crypto market. This combination could lead to increased inflows into the market, increasing access to both CBDCs and decentralized cryptocurrencies.

Create a competitive environment and promote technology development

The advent of CBDC is stimulating a new wave of competition and innovation. Central banks are actively investing in cutting-edge blockchain solutions to create easy-to-use cryptocurrencies, setting a new standard in functionality and efficiency. This competition is expected to push decentralized cryptocurrencies to further improve themselves, thereby increasing the potential to push the industry into a new era of technological development.

Stablecoin - from a research perspective

CBDCs are poised to challenge the dominance of stablecoins and digital assets backed by traditional currencies. As the introduction of government-led cryptocurrencies may impact this sector, the supply and demand for existing stablecoins will likely be affected. However, if stablecoins are intelligently designed with special advantages, they can continue to maintain their position, potentially creating specialized segments in the market. But in the short term, certainly the position of the Stablecoins we are using today will be significantly affected and it is possible that smaller centralized stablecoins may be knocked out of the market.

New era, new price line

CBDCs could introduce a new variable into the crypto market equation, which could influence price movements and overall market sentiment. As central banks face the challenges of cryptocurrency implementation, their decisions and policies could impact the entire digital asset space. With the new era of CBDC and institutional investors, the "rules of the game" may change, the way the market reacts to news will be expressed differently on the price line, and we - as investors - will have to learn to adapt.

Additionally, CBDCs represent a major leap towards a more global financial ecosystem. Governments can leverage cryptocurrencies to expand financial services to unbanked or underbanked populations, thereby creating new opportunities for economic development.

The upcoming emergence of CBDC promises to open a new era of opportunities and challenges for the cryptocurrency market. While their full impact will still take time, it is clear that CBDCs will play a decisive role in shaping the future of digital finance. Investors, from individuals to institutions, will need to closely monitor these developments and adjust to the changing landscape.

Published on September 30, 2023

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