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How do Shopdi's "Hidden Price" and "Unlimited Discount" mechanisms work?

  1. Payment model via SHOD token
  2. What is the Hidden Price Mechanism?
  3. What is Unlimited Discount Mechanism?
  4. About Shopdi
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Traditional e-commerce platforms are constantly innovating and increasing marketing campaigns to promote and attract more users. Shopdi is known as the next-gen e-commerce platform applying Blockchain and NFT technology with many outstanding advantages and features. In this article, BHO Network will provide you with detailed information on these two unique Shopdi price mechanisms, thereby providing you with the best shopping experiences on the platform!

Overview of the Shopdi project HERE!

Payment model via SHOD token

To learn about Shopdi's pricing mechanism, let's first take a look at how the payment flow model is implemented on Shopdi.

  • Step 1: Buy $SHOD tokens on cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • Step 2: Add $SHOD to your crypto wallet and access voucher selling platforms.
  • Step 3: Buy Shopdi e-voucher(s).
  • Step 4: Redeem vouchers to get Shopdi Xu for discounted product prices during purchases on Shopdi App.

Through these payment steps using the SHOD token, we can understand the main use case of the SHOD token. At the same time, Shopdi also focuses on anti-dumping solutions and helps consumers get the best prices.

  • Anti-dumping is one of the trade remedies applied by the state to deal with the adverse effects of dumped products in the market.
  • Shopdi is a superior discount solution that unlocks anti-dumping barriers, to help buyers get the best purchase price.

Therefore, you can collect more SHOPDI coins to start enjoying the shopping process of “Hunt the Last - For the Best” through two unique Price Mechanisms.

Next, let's find out about the details of the two Price Mechanisms that will bring many shopping benefits to SHOD token holders with BHO Network.

What is the Hidden Price Mechanism?

Hidden Price Mechanism means the Price of the product which will be hidden from the Price information section of the product on Shopdi.

For each product that has a Hidden Price tag, you will need to use SHOPDI coins for price disclosure. As follows:

  • The starting price of the price-hidden product is always the best compared to the market price.
  • The price will decrease after each opening through the use of SHOPDI coins.
  • The secret price opening time will be fixed at 25 seconds per user seen.
  • Every buyer has a reasonable 25-second chance to buy their favorite product at the best price.

The Hidden Price mechanism will make your shopping more enjoyable and also easy to get good prices through your SHOPDI coin use strategy.

What is Unlimited Discount Mechanism?

Similar to Hidden Price, Unlimited Discount will appear on the Price information section of some Shopdi products. However, the difference is that, if Hidden Price is for everyone and anyone has the same shopping rights, Unlimited Discount will have competition between buyers in the same session to buy genuine products with the best discount.

For each product that has an Unlimited Discount session, you also need to prepare SHOPDI coins to participate in that price viewing session as follows:

  • The starting price of the product is always the best compared to the market.
  • This price will continue to decrease without limit on a one-way basis as more and more people participate in the same session.
  • Users will be able to see the continuously reduced price of 1 product until someone deposits to keep that product.
  • Through a nanosecond-accurate calculator, Shopdi will recognize the fastest depositor.
  • If no user decides to deposit during the session, the opportunity will be passed to the users in the following sessions at the starting price minus the discounts of all users who participated in the previous session.

In short, the Unlimited Discount mechanism with fair shopping competition will help you buy products with the biggest discounts possible.

About Shopdi

Shopdi is a new generation e-commerce platform that combines blockchain technology and NFT. Through this e-commerce platform, Shopdi hopes to bring genuine and limited edition special products to consumers, including: technology, health, beauty, motorbikes, computers, cars, travel, etc. and even limited items (with transactions using NFT technology). Especially with Shopdi, users can buy products at the best prices through the two pricing mechanisms "Hidden Price" and "Unlimited Discount" described above.

Shopdi's vision is to bring the world's leading trusted e-commerce platform that will maximize user benefits while providing a transparent, quality and balanced trading platform.

The use cases of the SHOD token tied to the project's business model will help the token have more real-world applications. This will further attract users in the traditional market to know and have easy access to the cryptocurrency market. Therefore, if the project's business model is effective and profitable, it will help increase the value of the SHOD token. From there, it will help ensure the interests of investors and add value.

Besides, Shopdi’s team of founders and developers have rich experience in many fields of business, marketing, hi-tech, etc. The project's advisors also have experience and high positions in the field of business, project development, community development, etc., plus many achievements in the field of technology.


The provision of two unique Price mechanisms will stimulate the shopping needs of consumers, leading to more demand for holding and using SHOD tokens. High demand will increase the value for the token, and investors holding SHOD tokens will benefit from that price increase.

During this difficult time the cryptocurrency market is facing, the project is still ready to launch and is supported by many well-known partners in the traditional market. Thereby, we can see the determination to implement the project and bring the best value to users as well as investors.

BHO Network is honored to accompany and organize IDO Promotion for Shopdi on the BHO Pad platform. For IDO Promotion, the Launchpad project and platform will commit to 100% profit and capital insurance for investors. You can learn more about IDO Promotion here.

In addition, for detailed information related to the Shopdi project, you can follow more on the official BHO Network channels or at the Projects section on the BHO Pad page: https://bhopad.io/projects

Published on October 08, 2022

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