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How to get early access to Pyramid Walk’s valuable NFT Sneakers?

  1. Stake To Earn with Pyramid Walk

Pyramid Walk - the very unique GameFi Move-to-earn project has officially closed its IDO round on BHO Pad, with 4,166,666 $PYRA equivalent to $50,000 BUSD sold out before the deadline for the FCFS round.

The $PYRA token will be officially listed on June 10, 2022 and investors can directly buy the token on the DEX PancakeSwap exchange. This is also an opportunity for investors to buy and own $PYRA tokens early. However, are you aware that this is also a way for investors to soon own the extremely valuable NFT Sneaker in Pyramid Walk?

Stake To Earn with Pyramid Walk

To celebrate the official listing of the $PYRA token, Pyramid Walk has launched an extremely attractive offer that no investor should miss out on. Pyramid Walk's Stake To Earn program will be open from June 10 - June 17 for investors holding $PYRA tokens.

Investors holding $PYRA tokens can Stake within 30 days and receive 5% interest on their total capital. In addition, investors after staking at least 85,000 $PYRA will also receive NFT Box corresponding to their Stake rank. At the highest level of 425,000 $PYRA, investors will receive Legend NFT Box, which is the NFT Box with the highest drop rate of the Moon Walker NFT Sneaker.

The NFT Sneaker collection in Pyramid Walk is quite diverse in stats and rarity. Specifically, NFT Sneakers in Pyramid are divided into 4 rarities: Walker, Hyper Walker, Sky Walker and finally Moon Walker - the NFT Sneaker with the highest rarity and value.

NFT Sneaker is a fairly new concept, and became popular after the success of StepN - a GameFi Move-to-earn project. The NFT Sneakers in StepN were initially worth a few hundred dollars, but after the project became a trend, some NFT sneakers were worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Moreover, investors should not forget that $PYRA will be the main token of the entire Pyramid ecosystem in the future. As shared in the AMA session between Pyramid Walk and BHO Network on May 29, the entire ecosystem and applications that Pyramid is developing will revolve around the $PYRA token in the future. This means that the token will have more and more applications, leading to an increase in the demand to buy and hold the token, causing the price of the $PYRA token to increase gradually with each stage of the project's development. Investors can refer to the following article to understand the vision and future development direction of Pyramid Walk:

Web3 ecosystem vision and ambition of Pyramid Walk

To follow and receive the latest information and updates from the Pyramid Walk project as well as projects that will IDO on BHO Pad in the future, please visit and follow BHO Network’s official channels!

Published on June 09, 2022

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