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Mechanics And Requirements Of Popular Launchpads

  1. Polkastarter
  2. Seedify
  3. TrustPad
  4. BHOPad

Investing in IDO on Launchpad attracts great attention from the community and investors thanks to its superior return compared to traditional spot investing. However, the cryptocurrency market currently has dozens of different Launchpads, which makes it difficult for new investors to choose their suitable platform, as well as what to prepare.

Let's learn about the features, mechanics and requirements of some of the big and popular Launchpads and compare:


Polkastarter is a familiar platform tto experienced investors. Polkastarter is a launchpad that supports Ethereum network and BNB Chain (Binance Smart Chain). Polkastarter is considered one of the major and reputable Launchpads that has a refund policy for investors.

To date, Polkastarter has raised a total of $29.95 million for 101 different projects. The project with the largest ATH ROI is Ethernity Chain (ERN) - 272 times the IDO price.

Polkastarter uses 2 fundraising pools when conducting IDO:

  • Public Pool: The pool is open to everyone to join. However, only lucky investors will be whitelisted, so it is very competitive.
  • POLS Pool: Pool for investors holding POLS tokens. Investors holding POLS at certain tiers will receive the corresponding number of tickets, and only the winning tickets will have the IDO slots.

Thus, if the probability of winning an IDO in a public pool is low, the POLS pool requires investors to stake a minimum of 250 POLS (equivalent to $468 at the time of writing) and still has an element of luck.

Polkastarter requires KYC for every investor who wants to join its platform.


Seedify is a launchpad platform that supports quite a few networks including Avalanche, Polygon, BNB, Ethereum, and Solana. To date, Seedify has raised a total of $14.79 million for 51 projects. The project with the highest ATH ROI on Seedify is Bloktopia, with a profit of 698 times the IDO price.

Seedify divides investors into 9 groups, 9 different tiers corresponding to 9 minimum levels of SFUND tokens they hold, and applies a pool weight mechanism for the above 9 groups. Detail:

  • Tier 1 (The Lowest Tier): requires investors to hold a minimum of 250 SFUND tokens, equivalent to $1210 at current prices. Investors in this tier will be eligible for the lottery ticket mechanism.
  • From the 2nd tier onwards, investors will have guaranteed IDO slots and they will be allocated according to pool weight. To reach the 2nd tier, investors need to hold 1000 SFUND, or $4840, which is not a small number.

To be able to participate in the IDO on Seedify, investors will have to go through KYC process and is limited to users in some countries.


The Launchpad Trustpad platform has raised a total of $15.38 million for 91 different projects. The project with the highest ATH ROI is also Bloktopia, with a 698x increase in IDO price.

To join IDO on Trustpad, investors need:

  • Minimum stake of 3000 TPAD
  • Lucky enough to hit the whitelist

Similar to Seedify, TrustPad also groups investors into multiple tiers, and applies pool weight to distribute lottery tickets. The difference is that the higher the tier, the higher the chances of winning the lottery tickets. At the lowest tier, investors need to stake 3000 TPAD equivalent to $ 1218 but the IDO winning rate is only 20%.

Similar to Polkastarter and Seedify, investors who want to invest on TrustPad platform also need to go through the KYC process and are limited by region and country. It can be seen that successful and popular Launchpads right now still have their own limitations.


BHOPad is BHO's newly launched launchpad, inherited and improved from major and succeeded Launchpads in the space. BHOPad aims toward multichain, multi-network support that makes it convenient for investors.

The operating mechanism of BHOPad is a combination of the 3 launchpads mentioned above. Staking on BHOPad is divided into 6 different levels, with pool weight proportional to the staking levels. However, the biggest difference is that BHOPad does not use a lottery mechanism but a Guaranteed Allocation in which: investors reaching the minimum staking level will be guaranteed to receive IDO slots, and IDO slots will be distributed publicly according to the pool weight for each level. Moreover, BHOPad's lowest staking level only requires investors to stake a minimum of 50,000 BHO, or $140 at the time of writing. In other words, with only $140, investors have secured the IDO investment opportunity.

Furthermore, to protect investors, BHOPad also applies the same refund policy as popular and long-standing launchpads like Polkastarter, Seedify or TrustPad. Finally, for the convenience of users and the security of personal information, BHOPad does not require investors to verify their identity through KYC. In general, BHOPad inherits and improves by learning from the top Launchpads.

It can be said that IDO investment on Launchpad platforms is familiar and highly profitable, so investors should not ignore the opportunity. However, the cryptocurrency market is always risky, investors should have a clear strategy, choose reputable launchpads, and remember to DYOR (Do Your Own Research) before deciding to invest.

Good luck to dear investors!

Data collected from cryptorank.io

Published on December 01, 2022

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