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  1. What is LS TRADE?
  3. Long Short X
  4. Operation mechanisms and How to trade
  5. Trading results
  6. How will Long Short X's transaction fees be used?
  7. Mining Tool
  8. LS Coin (LSC)
  9. General Information about LS Coin (LSC):
  10. Token Allocation
  11. Earning (Mining) LS Coin
  12. LS Coin's deflationary cycle
  13. LS Coin (LSC) Moon Sheet
  14. Burn-to-Earn
  15. Audit
  16. Roadmap and vision of LS TRADE

LS TRADE is a decentralized Futures Battle (Predict Price Move) trading platform that allows investors to make profit by simply predicting the future movement of asset prices in a simple, transparent and decentralized manner.

The crypto market has grown incredibly fast in both popularity and size. Despite 2022 being a bleak year for the market, the top 10 centralized exchanges (CEX) generate $40.8 trillion in trading volume. This is by no means a small number for a new market with an age of just over a decade. However, although the foundation of blockchain technology promotes decentralization, the current crypto market is too concentrated in the hands of large exchanges, which raises many questions about information transparency and asset safety for investors.

LS TRADE wants to help overcome this by building a new attractive, simple, decentralized financial playground for the whole market, with the goal of becoming one of the most used platforms.

What is LS TRADE?

LS TRADE is a decentralized Futures Battle (Predict Price Move) trading platform that allows investors, new or experienced, to trade as simply and transparently as possible. Investors can predict the direction of Bitcoin market price movement on LS TRADE to generate flexible & fast profits.

Through smart contracts on the BNB Chain (BEP20) network, LS Trade has created technological advantages such as:

  • Easy experience - The order entry mechanism is designed to be streamlined, easily accessible, and easy to get used to for all users.
  • Transparency - Price data provided by ChainLink Oracle, and all information and data such as orders, trading sessions, closing prices, etc. are recorded and managed by smart contracts, directly auditable onchain.
  • Decentralization - The platform holds absolutely no user assets. Users take full control of their assets via their Defi wallets.

Investors joining the platform can use Defi wallets (Metamask, Trust, 3S, C98, Safepal,...) to connect and experience without having to worry about their information and assets being controlled & stolen like in centralized exchanges (CEX).

Besides Bitcoin, LS TRADE will support trading of more assets on the platform in the future, creating diversity to suit the needs of even more investors.


LS TRADE is an ecosystem with 3 core products, including:

  • Long Short X: targeting customers who are Traders wanting to profit from predicting the price direction of the market.
  • LS Coin: created to attract Miners who want to profit from collecting Coins generated from the operations of the platform.
  • Burn-to-Earn: a feature that helps increase profit margins for Holders when they hold LS Coin (LSC) for a long time.

3 products Long Short X, LS Coin (LSC) and Burn-to-Earn, along with 3 sets of users Traders, Miners and Holders will create a balance of benefits, complement each other and help the LS TRADE ecosystem to have sustainable development.

See also: Three products and three sets of customers that make up the LS TRADE ecosystem

Long Short X

Long Short X is a decentralized Futures Battle (Predict Price Move) exchange, aimed at customers who are Traders.

Long Short X will allow users to profit by predicting the direction of Bitcoin price movement through price data taken from ChainLink Oracle. All trading sessions and options contracts on Long Short X will be saved and managed by smart contracts on the BNB Chain (BEP20) network.

Operation mechanisms and How to trade

Traders using the feature will have two options: Join the Long or Short side.

Traders will place trading orders using BNB Coin (BEP20). Every 0.01 BNB is conventionally 1 Ticket.

Options contracts can be entered with a minimum of 1 ticket, and a maximum of 100 tickets. The maximum limit of the order can be increased at the appropriate time.

The duration of each trading session lasts 180 seconds, of which the transaction time is 120 seconds and the result waiting time is 60 seconds.

Trading results

  • Long side will be profitable if the Bitcoin price is higher than at the time of placing order.
  • Short side will be profitable if the Bitcoin price is lower than at the time of placing order.
  • Profit will be calculated based on the liquidity pool of both sides. Both Long and Short will liquidate themselves.
  • Order fee is 5%.
  • In the event that the returned Bitcoin price does not change (equal to at the time of placing order), both Long & Short sides will be refunded 95% of the capital used to execute the order, the remaining 5% will be used for order fee
  • In case of network failure, the trading session will be canceled, and the investment will be 100% refunded to the investor.
  • In case either Long or Short side has zero participants, the trade will be canceled. And the deposit will be 100% refunded to the participants.

How will Long Short X's transaction fees be used?

With 5% trading fees on Long Short X::

  • 2.5% - to 50% of the revenue - will be used to buy back LS Coin from the market and burn.
  • 1.5% - 30% of the revenue - will be used to pay commissions to market developers.
  • 0.7% - to 14% of the revenue - will be used to develop and expand the LS TRADE ecosystem.
  • 0.3% - 6% of revenue - will be used for team development.

We can see that most of the revenue from transaction fees will be used by the project to burn LS Coins (LSC), which will help the value of LSC increase higher and higher, helping to attract more Miners and Holders to participate in the project.

Mining Tool

To make it easier for users to use the Long Short X feature, LS TRADE has collaborated with 3S Wallet to create the AutoTrade BOT toolkit. Thereby users can be hands-free, but still have more income. 3S Wallet is a famous DeFi wallet that integrates many essential functions for users but still offers a simple, safe and secure experience.

LS Coin (LSC)

LS Coin (LSC) is the application and governance token of the LS TRADE ecosystem. LS Coin targets customers who are Miners seeking passive income through mining and collecting Coins/Tokens.

General Information about LS Coin (LSC):

  • Token Name: LS Coin
  • Ticker: LSC
  • Blockchain: BNB Chain
  • Token Standard: BEP-20
  • Contract: Updating…
  • Total Supply: 100.000.000
  • Circulating Supply: Updating…

Token Allocation

LS Coin (LSC) is allocated in detail as follows:

  • EARNING (MINING): 98,000,000 LSC (98% of the total supply) is only available when users trade on Long Short X.
  • SEED SALE: 1,000,000 LSC (1% of total supply) is used to sell to Angel investors and Ambassadors of the project.
  • MARKETING & BOUNTY: 500,000 LSC (0.5% of total supply) is used for Marketing campaigns of LS TRADE and rewards the community.
  • IDOs: 300,000 LSC (0.3% of total supply) will be sold at IDO Promotion rounds of LS TRADE.
  • LIQUIDITY: 200,000 LSC (0.2% of total supply) is used to provide liquidity.

The LS Trade team will not have any Allocation from Tokenomics, the team's revenue will come from users' transaction fees. Therefore, LS Coin is 100% community owned.

Earning (Mining) LS Coin

LS Coin (LSC) is conditionally printed.

Specifically, each trading session will have a fixed amount of LSC printed, and the amount of LS Coins in the session will be equally divided among the wallets participating in the transaction (regardless of winning, losing or order size, all LS Coins will be equally divided among wallets participating in the session).

Each LS Coin printing cycle lasts 400 days, and in the next cycle the amount of tokens printed will be reduced by 35%.

In the first cycle, each trading session will print out 78 LS Coins, divided equally between Long and Short sides - 39 LS Coins each.

Miners participating in LSC mining also indirectly support liquidity balance for Traders when they trade on the Long Short X.

LS Coin's deflationary cycle

LS Coin (LSC) Moon Sheet


Burn-to-Earn is a feature aimed at long-term investors (Holders) who understand the potential value of LS Coin in the long term.

The Burn to Earn mechanism allows users to burn LS Coins to receive a reward equivalent to 125% of the value of burned LS Coins.

With a fixed total supply, the Burn to Earn mechanism will make LS Coins always scarce, thereby helping LSC gain momentum in the long term.


Currently, LS TRADE is working with Verichains to audit the entire smart contract system of the project, in order to ensure maximum safety and transparency for users.

Verichains is a leading blockchain security company specializing in security assessment, training, automated security analysis tool development and software reverse engineering. Founded in 2017, the company uses its in-depth knowledge of security, cryptography and blockchain core technologies to help investigate and remediate security issues in major global attacks. Among them are 2 extremely infamous attacks: Binance's BNB Chain Bridge attack that stole $570 million in BNB, and Axie Infinity's Ronin Bridge attack - causing more than $600 million in damage for both the project and the user.

At the beginning of March 2023, during the investigation of the BNB Chain attack that occurred in October 2022, Verichains also discovered and warned of a serious security bug in the Tendermint library, posing a fatal risk to many major Blockchains such as Cosmos, Binance Smartchain, OKC and Kava.

Roadmap and vision of LS TRADE

Promising to bring a new, attractive and transparent trading experience to investors, LS TRADE aims to achieve 150,000 successful trading sessions in 2023, with an average of 1000 participants per session.

In addition, many new features on the platform will be developed such as SocialFi, Fiat Cashout, Lending, etc. These features will increase the application and demand for holding LS Coins, while attracting inflows of money into the LS TRADE ecosystem.

Follow the website and official communication channels of LS TRADE to get the latest information about the platform as well as attractive promotions:

Published on April 05, 2023

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