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NFT integration trend of social media platforms

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Now that the trend towards Web3 is taking shape more clearly day by day, we have also seen the explosive growth of DeFi and NFT, with widely applicable use cases. Leading social media companies such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc. have also begun to explore the potential of NFT, and integrate NFT into their platforms.

So, how is the NFT integration trend of social media platforms going? Let's find out with BHO Network through the article below.


On January 21, 2022, Twitter announced the official launch of the feature to set a profile’s avatar with NFT through a detailed and epic video introduction. If regular avatars have a circular frame, the NFT profile picture will be distinguished by a hexagonal frame.

With the NFT avatar feature, your twitter account will be linked to your crypto wallet account to connect to OpenSea - the largest NFT marketplace platform on Ethereum today. This means that Twitter at the moment only supports Ethereum's NFT, and Ethereum's Layer2 blockchains.

According to Twitter's tutorial:

“Setting NFT as a profile picture will help users link their Twitter account with a crypto wallet address. This means that your Twitter account will then be tied to your wallet's transaction and history information, as well as information about the NFTs in the wallet, since they will all be public on the blockchain.”

At the same time, Twitter also affirms that it will never seek access to users' other assets contained in their crypto wallets, while also warning users about fraudulent tricks that can be exploited.


Reddit also followed Twitter by releasing the ability to use NFT as an avatar.

Reddit claims to support all types of NFTs on the market, not limited to those released by this social network in the middle of last year.

A Reddit spokesperson said:

“We're always exploring new ways to deliver value to Reddit's users and communities. We're currently testing setting NFT as a profile picture and verifying ownership. It is only a small test within the development team, and we have not yet come to a decision on whether to roll it out.”

In addition to its plans to create an NFT marketplace in the near future, the social media giant also plans to convert normal users’ Karma points (a measure of how much users contribute to the Reddit community) into tokens.


In an effort to expand its ecosystem, YouTube has begun to see NFTs as an alternative source of income for its content creators.

YouTube Product Manager Neal Mohan in a blog post revealed more information about the features that will be introduced by YouTube in 2022, covering Web3, blockchain, metaverse, and NFT.

“Web3 opens up countless opportunities for content creators. We believe that new technologies like blockchain and NFT will make it easier for them to increase engagement with the subscriber community. Together, they will be able to collaborate on new projects and earn money.”

The Product Manager said YouTube users can NFT-ize videos, images, artwork and even interactive experiences to attract more followers.

For starters, YouTube has distributed personalized NFTs to influencers on the platform and announced that creators can monetize the videos they've created and then sell them as NFTs.

TIME Magazine

TIME is a leading American news magazine. Recently, TIME magazine has started building its Web3/NFT community. They have launched TIMEPieces which allows members to purchase a piece in one of their art collections. TIME states that TIMEPieces' goal is "bringing artists, collectors, and fans together in a collaborative way with the goal of building utility and community value over the long term."


Facebook - now renamed as Meta - is the most popular social networking platform today. According to statistics in 2021, Meta reached more than 2.89 billion users. From changing its brand name, the giant Facebook is making strides for the move to Web3.0, with the vision of building the world's largest social media metaverse.

In August 2022, Meta began sharing about the start of integrating NFT into its platform. Accordingly, the billion-dollar tech company wants to make it easier for users to share NFTs – which they call a digital collection – by simply connecting a crypto wallet once on Facebook or Instagram. The wallet can then be auto-recognized if cross-posting is enabled in the account settings on either app.

In early November, Meta officially integrated crypto wallets, and started letting users share NFTs on the popular social networking platform Facebook. Users can now connect their wallets and share their collections on both Facebook and Instagram.

With the growing trend of NFT integration of social media, we can see the great potential of NFT in the future. As an investor, you cannot ignore this fertile market. To start participating in the NFT market, just like storing coins/tokens, you need to have a crypto wallet that supports NFT storage. 3S Wallet is a product in the ecosystem of BHO Network, which has all the necessary functions of an NFT wallet, allowing you to send, receive and store your favorite NFTs safely and quickly. You can download and experience 3S Wallet here.

About 3S Wallet

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The leading social media platforms such as Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, etc. all see the potential of NFT integration and utilization as an opportunity and a new trend, and will gradually shape the future of NFT. We can see that NFT is revolutionizing the world thanks to its advanced technology, and many fields have been undergoing rapid changes and opening up many opportunities for explosive growth in the future.

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Published on December 16, 2022

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