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Shopdi - a next-gen e-commerce platform applying blockchain technology and NFT - will officially open IDO on BHO Pad on October 16!

Details of Shopdi IDO opening round

⚡️ Total Pool: $20.000

⚡️ IDO Price: $0,075

⚡️ Listing Price: $0,1 (Guaranteed profit +33.3%)

⚡️ TGE unlock 100%

⏰ IDO buying Register time: 0:00 October 14 - 19:00 October 16 (GMT+7)

Round 1 - For Staking & Registered Members: 19:00 October 16 - 14:00 October 17 (GMT+7)

Round 2 - FCFS for all members: 14:00 October 17 - 19:00 October 17 (GMT+7) (Will be opened if Round 1 is not Sold Out)

  • Listing Dex time: 16:00 October 18 (GMT+7)
  • Token release time: 17:00 October 18 (GMT+7)
  • Dex & Network: Pancake Swap - BNB Chain

What is Shopdi?

Shopdi is a next-gen e-commerce platform that integrates blockchain technology and NFT. With the Shopdi platform, buyers can decide the selling price using the Hidden Price and Unlimited Discount mechanisms. With blockchain and crypto technology, Shopdi achieves absolute transparency of transaction and product information, helping to optimize user experience while creating a healthy and safe intermediary community for buyers. The project has received a lot of attention after its impressive launch at Vietnam Startup Day 2022, and was invested into by many big partners such as OneBit Ventures, KV Ventures, and cooperated with many big chains in Vietnam like FPTShop.com, Thegioididong.com, Phongvu.vn.

📲 More about the $SHOD token and Shopdi Project Overview HERE!

SHOD Token

SHOD is the main governance and functionality token of the platform, and a valuable piece of the Shopdi ecosystem. SHOD is built on the Kaidex blockchain and has a limited total supply of 500 million tokens. In addition, tokens after being used will be burned, causing the supply to decrease over time.

Specially, Shopdi will launch IDO Promotion - a special IDO format only available on BHO Pad! With the IDO purchase price of $0.075, BHO Pad and Shopdi commit to keep the SHOD token price higher or equal to 0.1 within 7 days after the listing. This means that every investor who suffers a loss in 7 days after the listing will receive a 100% Refund!

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So, don't miss this unique investment opportunity, Stake BHO on BHO Pad today and receive APY interest up to 20% at: https://bhopad.io

Published on October 11, 2022

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