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Pyramid - the walk-to-earn project gets official IDO on BHOPad

Pyramid Walk is a walk-to-earn, free-to-try, accessible, and easy-to-monetize project built on the BNB Chain platform. Pyramid Walk will have its IDO on BHO Pad in the near future.

What is Pyramid Walk?

Pyramid Walk is a Move-to-earn Game Fi project, specifically Walk-to-earn, where players can use NFT boots in the app to walk and receive cryptocurrency as rewards. In-game NFT boots can be purchased on the Marketplace, or minted with $PYRA tokens.

The Pyramid Walk application has been developed and completed, and users can experience it soon in the future. Unlike most other Move-to-earn projects, Pyramid Walk is a free-to-try product, meaning users can experience it for free without having to pay an entry fee of up to $1000.

Pyramid Walk owns a rich collection of NFT boots in terms of categories, and is divided into 4 levels of rarity, including: Walker boots are Common, Hyper Walker is Rare, Sky Walker is Epic and Moon Walker is Legendary - the highest level. By equipping boots on the Pyramid Walk and walking daily, users can receive cryptocurrency rewards to increase income and improve health.

In addition, investors can also choose to Stake boots on Pyramid Walk to generate passive income. This helps to create a variety of Pyramid's income and applications.

Pyramid Walk is also part of the broader Pyramid ecosystem. This entire ecosystem will revolve around the $PYRA token, helping to increase the token's applicability and demand for holding it. According to official information from the project, the future Pyramid ecosystem will include NFT Marketplace, Pyramid DAO, DeFi application, Pyramid Launchpad and Pyramid Walk.

Pyramid's $PYRA token will have a maximum total supply of 1 billion tokens. Written and deployed on the BNB Chain platform, the project's smart contract has also been audited by Solidproof - an automated blockchain auditing company.

Prior to Pyramid, FootEarn and Space Marvel are two other projects officially announced by BHO Pad to cooperate with and support crowdfunding through the IDO opening round. BHO Pad is currently a launchpad platform that has attracted great attention and interest from the community thanks to the Guarantee Allocation mechanism, in which, with a minimum of 50,000 $ BHO Staked, investors will have a 100% chance to buy IDO. At the same time, BHO Pad also provides specialized marketing services for top rated blockchain projects in the market.

Stake BHO on BHO Pad (https://bhopad.io/) today to enjoy an APY of up to 20% and 100% guarantee IDO slots to buy projects on BHO Pad.

For more information about the Pyramid project, visit: https://pyramidwalk.com/

Published on May 13, 2022

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