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  1. Don't put all your eggs in one basket
  2. Save the seed phrases in a safe place
  3. Anti-phishing - always double check
  4. No wallet login on shared device
  5. Don't use public wifi
  6. Set up and save your wallet password properly

Crypto wallets are the first and necessary key to step through the door into the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Therefore, choosing a safe and convenient wallet, and practicing strict security rules are very important.

3S Wallet is a great multi-chain crypto wallet product for both longtime users and newcomers to the crypto market. 3S Wallet provides multi-chain crypto asset management with a high level of security; however, users will still need to proactively implement basic measures and principles to protect their digital assets on the Internet. In this article, 3S Wallet team will share some wallet security tips for crypto users.

Don't put all your eggs in one basket

Risks in the crypto market are unpredictable. So one piece of advice most people give to newcomers is "don't put all your eggs in one basket". Because no technology is perfect and no person is ever completely vigilant. Therefore, expect the worst case, and dividing assets into small pieces to manage will help reduce the risk of losing everything.

Save the seed phrases in a safe place

Seed phrases will provide access to your wallet, so always write down your seed phrases and keep them in a safe place. Be especially careful not to save the seed phrases of important wallets online, for example in the cloud or on social media in any way, because this will make you an easy target for hackers. You can write it down on paper, or save a file in your computer, thumb drive, etc.

Anti-phishing - always double check

Phishing is a very common form of fraud, and nearly all cases are caused by user error, so no platform can accept responsibility and compensate for damage.

Therefore, users should always carefully check the correct website before accessing and connecting the wallet. If you accidentally connect your wallet to a fake website, revoke access to your wallet on that website immediately.

No wallet login on shared device

An obvious thing, but many people still neglect, is not to log in the wallet on other people's devices or shared devices, this will allow others to access and use your wallet.

Don't use public wifi

A lot of hacks are done through wifi connections, so limit your usage of public wifi to protect your assets.

Set up and save your wallet password properly

Many people choose to save passwords by texting themselves or saving them on a cloud hard drive. In fact, hacking facebook is much easier than hacking crypto wallets. So, get in the habit of using password management softwares like Lastpass, to be able to manage multiple accounts at the same time without having to use a single password or save it online.

Those are the wallet security experiences that 3S Wallet team wants to share with users. Although the market is always full of unpredictable risks, with the above security measures, investors can greatly reduce the risk of unnecessary loss when participating in the market.

Published on August 05, 2022

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