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Top 7 Metaverse Projects by Current ROI since IDO in 2021

  1. Bloktopia
  2. Fancy Games
  3. Victoria VR
  4. My Neighbor Alice
  5. DeRace
  6. Wilder World
  7. Star Atlas

ROI - Return On Investment or Rate of Return is a factor that nearly every investor is concerned about.

2021 was an explosive year for Metaverse and IDO investment trends. And of course, there have been many Metaverse projects that have brought huge profits to investors with extremely high ROI after IDO. 2022. Let’s find out the top 7 Metaverse projects with the highest ROI in 2021 with BHO Pad.


Bloktopia is a Metaverse platform, and quite a special one. It is because Bloktopia is designed as a 21-level skyscraper. Moreover, it operates just like one in real life: you can purchase designated spaces from the floorplan, using its own token, BLOK. Although most of the platform’s features are still in development, some key features are already employed, such as Blokpad launchpad, staking, selling or leasing properties (namely virtual spaces & NFTs), e-wallet, and as mentioned, its own cryptocurrency token BLOK.

Bloktopia has the backing of big names like Animoca Brands, Avalanche, Polygon and X21 Ventures. After IDO on 3 major launchpads: Redkite, Seedify, TrustPad, the project has brought IDO investors terrific profits: 698 times IDO price when BLOK price reaches ATH (All-time high).

Fancy Games

First introduced to the public via the Impossible Launchpad, Fancy Games is a gaming platform that play-to-earn, NFT, and blockchain games are developed on. The goal of this project is to bring play-to-earn to the masses through games released on PC and mobile. The representative token of Fancy Games is FNC, and the studio’s genesis game is Fancy Birds.

The project has a partnership with Yeild Guild Game - a famous blockchain gaming guild. At its peak, FNC gave investors a profit of 222 times the IDO price.

Victoria VR

MMORPG is one of, if not the most popular game genre in the world right now. With such a premise, this type of game remains a promising sector, full of potential for blockchain-based games. And Victoria VR has fired the first shot, as it is the first Blockchain-based MMORPG in Virtual Reality. Also, it is one of the first open-world VR games built on Unreal Engine, a popular game engine, so players can expect to immerse themselves in the beautiful yet realistic world of Victoria VR.

Besides Unreal Engine, this project is also powered by reputable names in the game market, such as Nvidia, Intel, Alienware, etc. Among all the projects, this is considered to be the most metaverse-like of them all.

Like other blockchain-based games, VictoriaVR has its own economy and is also a play-to-earn game. Everything will revolve around the Victoria VR token. With interest from both players and investors, the project has an ATH ROI of up to 213x the original price since its IDO on DAO Maker.

My Neighbor Alice

During the pandemic, Animal Crossing has become one of the most successful games in the world. Inspired by that, My Neighbor Alice aims to be the next big game in the genre. This project is one of the pioneering gamefi projects. It is essentially a blockchain-based multiplayer game where anyone can buy and own in-game assets such as islands and houses, plus social aspects such as meeting new friends is also the key point of the game.

One factor that also makes ALICE known is that at its peak, the token price has increased 318 times since its IDO on DAO Maker.


Do you like horse racing? Then DeRace is the game for you. This is a play-to-earn NFT horse racing game in the Metaverse, where you can breed your own NFT horse, race against other players to earn rewards, and even build your own hippodrome and make profit. With every feature a blockchain-based game has, such as NFT marketplace, NFT creation in the form of horses and hippodromes, etc. this game definitely seems interesting to both horse racing gamers and blockchain enthusiasts alike.

DeRace is quite the popular choice in the field of investment, with strong investors like CMS Holdings, LD Capital, Animoca Brands. DAO Maker is the platform on which the project chose for its IDO. The DERC token at its peak achieved an ROI of 165 times the IDO price.

Wilder World

In 2021, acclaimed designer Frank Wilder introduced his ambitious projects - Wilder World. This is a decentralized DAO for artists, and also a NFT marketplace for artworks. So, if you are an artist, and wish to earn profits for your work via blockchain, this is the place for you.

The Wilder World Metaverse is governed around the WILD token. The project is also invested in by Animoca Brands. Wilder World has an ATH ROI of 158x since its IDO on Polkastarter.

Star Atlas

Last in our list today is Star Atlas, an ambitious game where you can immerse yourself in space flight, space exploration, plus making strategic decisions to expand your empire in space. Built on Unreal Engine 5, this game promises great visuals for gamers and investors alike.

The governance token of Star Atlas is POLIS, and the project did its IDO on two platforms, AcceleRaytor and PAID Network.

With the support from major partners such as Solana, FTX and Serum, Star Atlas's Token Polis achieved the highest profit of 195 times the IDO price. Currently, Polis is trading at $1.53, equivalent to 11 times the IDO price. One factor that contributed to Polis' strong price increase was that the project was launched at the time of Solana's peak and all attention was focused on this ecosystem.

Above are the 7 metaverse projects with the highest ROI after IDO in 2021. We can see that IDO with promising projects can bring huge returns to investors. With the launch of BHO Pad in April, this platform promises to bring many potential projects to investors. Stay tuned to BHO Pad for more updates on these projects!

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Published on April 17, 2022

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